One-on-one sessions are from the heart to the heart. This is your time where you get all the attention and care of one of our well-versed professional practitioners in their domain of expertise and talent.


Face Rejuvenation Massage

Our faces often reflect how we are feeling. Years of stress, pent-up emotions, habitual expressions, and unhealthy lifestyle choices can leave their collective mark. The Facial Rejuvenation massage draws on the wisdom of ancient Ayurvedic healers. This treatment combines the benefits of energy balancing, yoga, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, and head massage. Not only does it decrease the facial lines but it also leaves the recipient feeling better connected to their bodies innate healing energies.

The benefits of this 1hr treatment is as follows:

  • Lessens wrinkles and habitual expression lines,
  • Releases tension in surrounding muscles,
  • Reduces under eye-bags and puffiness.
  • Tones and firms facial muscles,
  • Tightens facial contours,
  • Increases elasticity,
  • Improves skin tone,
  • Softens the skin,
  • Refines pores,
  • Enhances the supply of nutrients to skin cells,
  • Promotes better blood and lymphatic circulation,
  • Frees constrictions in connective tissue and facial muscles,
  • Increases the elimination of toxins,
  • Balances the body's subtle energy,
  • MGenerates glowing look for days,
  • Creates brighter and more alert eyes,
  • Encourages innate beauty, confidence and radiance,
  • Relieves stress-related symptoms such as headaches, eyestrain, and insomnia.
Best to do this treatment once a week for 6 weeks then maintenance once or twice a month.

Aura and Chakra Reading

Explanation of the chakras and the meaning of our aura. Meaning of dominant colors in an aura. Meaning of missing colors in an aura. Meditation for chakra healing, aura cleansing and creating a protective shield. Photo shooting of the aura and chakras including minor chakras in legs hands and face. Analyzing each photo.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a widely recognized practice in naturopathic medicine. It is the manipulation of the cranial fluid & connective tissue membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. It is most commonly experienced as “moving the skull bones” but its effects are more profound and complex. It is so gentle that it is suitable for babies, children and even elderly. The experience most related by those who have received the therapy is one of profound relaxation. Craniosacral Therapy treats people rather than conditions. It is primarily concerned with creating and maintaining a healthy and balanced physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state which enables the body's own healing mechanisms to operate at optimum level to eliminate disease and restore health. However if an imbalance in the body’s health arises it is effective for the following.


  • Headache, Migraine.
  • Asthma, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Cystitis.
  • Arthritis, Sciatica, Chronic Joint Disorders
  • Digestive Problems, Menstrual Disorders,
  • Back Pain, Neck Pain,
  • Tension, Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, Depression
  • Baby Care, Colic, Pyloric Stenosis, Feeding Difficulties.
  • Ear Infections, Tonsillitis, ENT Problems.
  • Birth Trauma
  • Learning Difficulties, Dyslexia, Hyperactivity, Autism, Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy.
  • Behavioral Disorders
  • Dental and Temporal-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Problems.
  • Shock and Trauma
  • Head Injuries
  • Meningitis
  • Post Viral Syndrome, ME, Glandular Fever, Fatigue, Lack of Energy.
It is also renowned for its profound influence on the effects of Birth Trauma - which may range from learning difficulties, hyperactivity, ear infections and colic to epilepsy and cerebral palsy - as well as influencing an individual’s capabilities, their skills, their underlying level of health, and their very nature and constitution.

Combined Dynamic Body Work & Cranio Sacral Therapy

Take charge of your health and well being. - for you who wants to reduce pain and stress and instead gain more balance and flexibility Combined Dynamic Body work & Cranio-Sacral Therapy treats people rather than conditions. It is primarily concerned with creating and maintaining a healthy, balanced state on all levels. This underlying state of wellbeing enables the body's own healing mechanisms to operate at optimum level, and therefore enables the body to eliminate disease and restore health. Combined Dynamic Body Work & Cranio-Sacral Therapy influences many different structures within the body such as the muscle-skeletal system, the autonomic nervous system, the cardio-vascular system, the immune system, the organs, the connective tissues, the fluids and the energy systems of the body. It is also renowned for its profound influence on the effects of Birth Trauma - the effects of a range of symptoms can occur from learning difficulties, hyperactivity, ear infections and colic to epilepsy and cerebral palsy - as well as profoundly influencing an individual’s capabilities, their skills, their underlying level of health, and their very nature and constitution into adulthood.

The following are just a few examples of the many conditions that might benefit from Combined Dynamic Body Work & Cranio-Sacral treatment:

  • Headache, Migraine.
  • Asthma, Sinusitis, Bronchitis.
  • Frozen Shoulder, Arthritis, Sciatica.
  • Digestive Problems, Menstrual Disorders, Period Pains.
  • Back Pain, Neck Pain.
  • Tension, Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, Depression
  • Dental and Temporal-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Problems.
  • Shock and Trauma – from traumatic incidents, accidents, or conditionings.
  • Fatigue and Lack of Energy.
  • The after effects of any chronic illness or debilitating disease.

Family Constellation

Using the Family Constellations modality, we can open a space to explore whatever it is that is keeping you from living a full life.

The reason why the Family Constellation is different from other therapies is firstly there is less talking about the issue and less re-telling of the ‘story’ that is behind the discomfort, the unease or the stuckness being experienced. You the client and we the facilitator will approach the issue in a different way – we will work in a still space, outside the linear time that we experience in our daily life. We will also explore the wider, generational system that you are part of, and how the patterns and events of the past may be impacting your present life, and the lives of your partner and children.

As in a workshop setting, the individual family constellation session begins by looking at your genogram (Family Tree) to understand and recognize your direct family members and understand the dynamic within this system. We then identify the topic or issue you want to work on and you the client set up your picture of your family or elements needed to bring love and flow back into your life. The family members or elements belonging to the issue that you bring to the session are represented either by shells or placement cards.

In this individual setting we do not have the voices of live representatives; however we are still guided by the same underlying principles of family constellations:
  • Belonging – who belongs (in this family, in this group), who is excluded
  • Order – who comes first (in the sibling birth order; order of parents/partners, orders of the wider system)
  • Balance – is there balance between giving and taking (the giving of parents to the child and the taking of the child from parents)

You the client are guided by a ‘felt sense’, a felt experience of what changes each time one of the elements of your inner image (externalized by the 3-dimensional picture) moves, or when a new element or person is introduced into the constellation image.

This is the power of using the Family Constellations modality – stepping away from story and words, and working with what is hidden in our family systems, using the deep wisdom of our bodies. Working with this modality also allows us to access the wisdoms and support from others, that we often feel cut off from when we are in crises.

Holistic Health & Life Coaching

We have chosen to be of service to your personal growth, well being and success in all levels in your lives. Our role is to support you to lead a life of true happiness.

In our coaching, we will be taking a holistic approach, working from the idea that all areas of life impact each other. If you initially come in for coaching around health, loss of life purpose, relationships or career, the coaching will nearly always touch on all of these areas. Having extensive experience in working with women, Our Coach often sees the tendency to put their own self care low, which makes many women either a victim, dependent or otherwise dissatisfied with their lives. Through a non judgmental approach and a confidential and safe environment, We will support you in sharing your story and gaining clarity about decisions and commitments in your life, find
 greater fulfillment, balance, energy, creativity, a greater sense of purpose and meaning in your life and work, which will as well improve overall health.

For your information, Our Coach has a background in Naturopathy, Kinesiology, Cranio Sacral Therapy and other forms of bodywork, Counselling, Coaching and Yoga. She is using a variety of modalities in her coaching to ensure that we cover the 5 levels of healing.

We follow Klinghardt's 5 levels of healing to help and support you to work through blockages and imbalances in your Physical Body, Your Energy Body (Nervous systems and your energy centres, i.e. Chakra), Mental Body (limiting beliefs) and Intuitive Body, which is the work of the Family Constellation/Genogram, so you can be complete to life a life of consciousness, meaning unfolding your true spirituality.


  • The Myers Briggs Type Indicator, which is based on Carl Gustav Jung's typologies. It helps us get insight into the preferences we have in where we get our energy from, How we perceive the world we are living in, How you make decisions and what kind of lifestyle we prefer. We will use this modality to help us refer back to in relationship to your goal setting and the process of getting there. You will be receiving a separate email from IHS Dubai with the questionnaire for this.
  • We incorporate the Kinesiology to help us identify certain stressor we have or blockages we have in our system. We will use this according to our need.
  • Meditation and Pranayama. We often work with visualisations, meditation and pranayama to help you reach a deeper level in your consciousness to help us create more space for what we want to attract in our lives.
  • Genogram to help us heal our relationships with our mother and father and create a better understanding of who we are and what we are carrying from our ancestral lineage.
  • Mental Field Therapy, which includes tapping, colour and sound to help enhance our vibration.
One of the main things to be aware of in our sessions is that you will be setting your goals and we will help and support you with all or some of the above tools as well as asking the "right" questions to help you achieve these goals. You set the tone for each session and we have the above toolbox to help you along the way.


You are the master of your own life. If you want to change your life and experience the fullness of life, you must change your programming. To change your programming you must access your subconscious mind and control it so that you can alter your old limited believes. Reprogramming seems to be a scary word. It is not as it is happening in our daily lives through media, news, marketing banners and advertisement without you even noticing it.

To create change, we have to change our mind about who we are .This change has to occur both in the conscious and subconscious level.

The state of hypnosis is a state of physical relaxation accompanied and induced by extreme mental concentration. It is a state where you are easily accepting positive suggestions. It helps to increase focus, awareness, concentration  and  helps remembering memories in a deep state of relaxation without the interference of unimportant thoughts of our everyday lives. It is a state that lets you communicate with your subconscious mind because it helps your conscious mind (which is only 5% of your mind ) to step aside and allows your subconscious mind ( which is 95% of your mind )  to step forward.

During the hypnotherapy sessions  you will learn many of the various techniques used to alter and reprogram your mind which you will be able to apply in your daily life on your own and teach your children, friends and family members.

Clinical Hypnotherapy has been officially recognized & approved by both The American Medical Association (1958) & The British Medical Association (1957).

During the first session you will be explained about the Theory of the Mind, Hypnotherapy and other healing and therapy modules and techniques in details. You will go through few exercises which will help me to analyse and understand how your mind receives information in order to conduct the sessions in a way your mind understands, easily accepts positive suggestions and achieve positive changes.

People react faster to Hypnotherapy  because  it reaches the core issue immediately and healing starts from the first session. It is faster and more effective  than any other alternative therapies because it is a shortcut to the subconscious mind where the change and alteration is made.

Hypnotherapy is a brief, interactive, result oriented therapy that encompasses a variety  of hypnotic processes and techniques in a safe, confidential and structured environment.

In Hypnotherapy you learn techniques that empowers you .You learn how to implant deep within your subconscious mind specific positive, supportive and uplifting ideas , beliefs, attitudes and feelings. With them you refurbish your subconscious mind so that you overcome blocks, manifest the desired behaviors and reach to goals that you aspire .In doing so, you will experience transformation. No longer be the victim of negative unconscious programming from your past and you are free to be your authentic self and live life.

The number of sessions you will need will depend on your goals, emotional baggage and your commitment towards the guidelines or homework I will give you in between the sessions.

The requirements for a client to have a successful journey is: The Desire to heal, Determination and Complete Commitment. It’s simple but necessary.


There are a number of different types of Kinesiology that people decide to work with. May Britt is specialized in 3in1 Concepts Kinesiology which is a holistic, bodywork therapy that works on all aspects of health – physical, nutritional, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Instead of Kinesiology being used only as a healing modality it is now used as a tool to enable clients to examine their lives from different perspectives effectively guiding them towards better management of stresses and life problems in general.


The goal is to help remove stressors that may be preventing the person enjoying optimum health.
With gentle muscles response testing, 3in1 Concepts Kinesiology is able to identify how or where stressors and energy blockages being held in your body are preventing you from manifesting your true potential. Using the techniques of 3in1 Concepts Kinesiology, it is possible to release the stress from your body by examining your situation from a different perspective. Indicators show what corrections are required to bring balance into your life. These can involve massaging or lightly touching reflex or acupuncture points, changes to diet or lifestyle, help with food or environmental sensitivities, and other balancing techniques.


  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Stress
  • Dyslexia/Dyspraxia
  • Learning difficulties
  • Lack of concentration
  • Neck & back pain
  • Digestive problems
  • RSI
  • Panic attacks
  • relationship problems
  • eating disorders and weight problems
  • fears and compulsion
  • behavioural problems
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • depression
  • hormonal problems
  • skin disorders
  • Joint pain


Reiki (pronounced Ray-kee) can be translated from the original Japanese Kanji to mean ‘universal life source energy'.

It is a natural healing technique involving the placement of hands onto the body in order to channel energy and to heal.

Reiki is non-physical life force energy that is guided by universal intelligence. The knowledge that an unseen energy flows through all living things and is directly connected to the quality of our health has been a part of the wisdom of many cultures since ancient times.

The benefit of Reiki are numerous. The most common effects being relaxation, stress reduction and cure. This is achieved by the Reiki practitioner tapping into the unlimited supply of life force energy and transferring it to the client on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Reiki is amazingly simple technique to learn. It does not take years of practice; it is passed on through a series of attunements by a qualified Reiki Master/Teacher to the students. As soon as a person has been attuned they have and can do Reiki because of this it is easily learned by everyone. The Master essentially ‘fine tunes’ the individual’s own abilities to channel the universal life force energy much the same way as tuning a radio from AM to FM. Reiki cleanses the body of built up toxins, relieves pain, soothes shock, calms the mind and emotions and accelerates the body’s own natural ability to heal.

Theta Healing

ThetaHealing® is a healing modality and philosophy that works on all levels of a person by changing beliefs in the subconscious mind that are blocking the person or aspects of their life. It is a meditative technique that facilitates us to connect to the Creative Force; and by connecting to this Force, our mind goes into a Theta brain wave. By going to the Theta brainwave, we can change beliefs, perceptions & programs that no longer serve us. For every physical issue, there is an emotional, mental or spiritual aspect that is connected to it. All aspects of the person must be healed. With ThetaHealing® one can heal anything; change reality instantly.

Sound Therapy

Sound is vibration that touches every part of our physical being. Sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell, every molecule in our bodies. Sound enters the healing equation from several directions: it may alter cellular functions through energetic effects; it may entrain biological systems to function more homeostatically; it may calm the mind and therefore the body; or it may have emotional effects, which influence neurotransmitters and neuropeptides, which in turn help to regulate the immune system – the healer within.
Many modalities read your symptoms and approach the body according to your illness. Holistic sound healing works differently from that. What sound therapists do is approach the body as if it were already whole and complete. The body is being filled with vibrations that emphasize wholeness and resonance, and whatever the problem, the sound will go to that place that needs it, your body will pull it in and the cells will begin to regain their highest potential of resonance as the powerful rhythmic vibrations of gongs, singing bowls and other sound "gadgets" resonate throughout the body.


  • Stress reduction through deep relaxation and endorphin release;
  • Profound effect on Acupuncture meridians;
  • Promotes deeper sleep;
  • Relief from headache, fatigue, insomnia, digestive disorders, joint or muscle aches, emotional imbalances;
  • Chakra balancing;
  • Aura harmonizing;
  • Liberates emotional traumas locked within subconscious.


The Gong is said to be a real engine of power, more powerful than any other musical instrument. The energy that is revealed from a Gong is not just a mere fundamental tone, but it is supposed to be a great wave. When played properly, the Gong produces a whole spectrum of harmonics that are based on pressure waves of sound, which vibrate the energy meridians in the body and bring them into balance. The sound of the Gong recalibrate the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies and raises the frequency of your electromagnetic field (aura).


Tibetan Singing Bowls are an ancient healing technology, about 3000 years old, used for stimulating brain waves and creating a pulsation of sound to entrain our brain. Singing bowls have relaxing hypnotic effect as they slow brain waves and induce deep meditative state.
The most basic element of the human being is the cell. The simplest way of communicating with the cells is through vibration. When tapping a singing bowl on the human body which consists of more than 70% of water, the vibration transmitted cause the cell to resonate. The bowls vibrations are soothing enough to calm the nervous system yet powerful enough to travel deep into the body to penetrate the bones.