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  • It is truly a wonderland! It has no pretense at all - full of an eclectic mix of people from all walks of life that ultimately enjoy the positivity, energy and cool this secret garden provides. The Vegan menu is surprisingly delicious and hugely satisfying, I would personally recommend the omelette (egg free of course) it's super yummy.
    — Ellie Castaldi
  • Life'n One is definitely the most amazing place for you to relax in Dubai, it has a very special atmosphere in the beautiful garden and a special selection of vegan food in the cafe! Yes, you can survive without eating meat :) Plus, you have a great selection of daily holistic and mindfulness activities from yoga, meditation, sound healing and much more courses and workshops. Everybody should come to discover this magical place in Dubai!
    — Renato Koch, Brazil
  • A little piece of Heaven in Dubai. Simple as that! I love this place, kick off your shoes after a pilates session and have a fresh juice in the garden and you'll wonder where time goes, you won't want to leave.
    — Farrah Furrando
  • I love your "secret garden", it's gorgeous! Barre class is amazing!
    — Barbara Accardi
  • Fantastic creative space for my Macbook Pro 🕶 I would never imagine finding a spot like this in Dubai. Keep up the awesomeness guys!
    — Mehmet Vefa