Life’n One is a well-being hub where world class experts in various wellness areas offer their talks, workshops and private sessions and connect with Dubai community.


Life'n One is a portal attracting pioneers in various well-being domains from Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy and Chinese Energetic Medicine, to Family Constellation, Reiki and Meditation with its various methods and schools. Below are some of our international family members who visit the center few times a year, where they conduct group workshops and private sessions. Contact us or check our Events Calendar should you want to learn more about who is visiting nowadays and what are they offering in their domain of expertise.




Dedicated Level II QHHT Practitioner, certificated by the late Dolores Cannon herself. She was introduced to the work of Dolores Cannon, the world-renowned hypnotherapist and creator of the QHHT method as well as the author of 20 books on the subject of Past Life Regression and other metaphysical subjects. Alexandra travelled to England to study with the master herself and achieved certification as a QHHT practitioner/healer.

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Through her work with QHHT and ongoing spiritual studies she continues to find insights into the metaphysical and the esoteric and their powerful link with QHHT transformational healing both on the physical and non-physical levels. She also works with Reiki and is a channel for Higher evolved energies such as Metatron. She travels frequently to give talks about QHHT and to work with clients. Alexandra currently resides between the cities of Barcelona and Dubai.



Andrew Rosenstock is an international Healing Artist and yoga teacher. He is an iRest Yoga Nidra Level 2 trained teacher, a student of The Integrative Yoga Therapy 1000hr Yoga Therapist program, multi-certified in Thai Massage and a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner. He loves anything and everything having to do with helping people get back on the path of health and wellness and realigning themselves with their true nature.

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Andrew is passionate about sharing his healing practices with all who wish to receive. He teaches yoga in a way that allows oneself to start to understand more about how their bodies work and he allows the student a deeper access into their own self. Andrew has taught all levels and types of beings. From farmers in developing nations to working class heroes as well as to celebrities, professional athletes and royalty. The lifestyles may be different, but the intentions and outcomes are all the same. We practice yoga to become healthier, happier, and stronger. The strength may be physical, mental, emotional or something entirely different. Whatever the reason, Andrew will help you tap into that, lengthen it and help allow it to blossom.

BART SMYTH / Jai Bhajan Singh


Internationally renowned as Quantum Healer and Modern Day Shaman, initiated 30 years ago by the Shipibo Indian tribe as a Medicine Man in Peru, Bart brings an array of modalities as he has trained with some of the great masters around. He is also a Grand Master of Tai Chi, QiGong, and is certified in Thai Shiatsu, Hansa Shiatsu, Massage, Reiki, Abayanga Massage and Neuro Muscular Movement.

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He has interwoven all these energetic trainings into the tapestry of his work. He has assisted over 40,000 people to heal since 1995 worldwide in clearing chronic and debilitating conditions as well as coaching and consulting. His mastery is in simplicity combined with timing, intuitive guidances and the ability to give clear feedback. He is also a Master Teacher in Yuen Chinese Energetic Medicine and was responsible for bringing this body of work to Europe.



After many years in the corporate world, Flordeliza Pesigan found herself called to explore a nomadic life of flow, deepening to the self, simplicity, surrender and trust to the universe. In her search of physical and emotional self-healing, she ended up experiencing various healing modalities, initiations and activations from many different mentors. Having lived her whole life as a visual artist with a passion in singing and dancing, she conceived ‘’Creative Alchemy’’ that offers transformative and creative journeys, ceremonies and retreats.

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Her background in Shamanic practices, Sound healing, 5 Elements activation, Movement therapy Reiki and Light Code transmissions have culminated and organically led her to the path of Inner Dance practice. She continues to explore the tantric, shamanic and self-healing teachings and practices and now lives and holds healing and creative spaces between Dubai, Bali, India and Philippines.



Jeff first became interested in Vipassana Meditation in Australia 1992 and knew this was a way to the truth of life. To deepen his understanding he ordained as a Buddhist monk in Myanmar in 1993 where he practiced and served until disrobing in 2002. He was then a resident teacher in a Monastery in Bangkok until 2005 when he was first invited to Turkey. Jeff still visits Turkey twice a year as well as Czech Republic, Malaysia, Thailand, Bali and of course Australia.

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Jeff found that forgiveness is a very transformative practice and an excellent prelude to deeper realizations. He combines forgiveness with appreciation and loving-kindness to create a friendly and gentle approach to realizing the truth. Naturally he encourages concentration and awareness techniques, especially applicable to daily life, leading to the arising of profound wisdom and peace.

Jeff also encourages a holistic healthy lifestyle, such as caring for the environment, eating healthy food and regular exercise. A simple and balanced life for peace and happiness.



John & Tom are a 75-year-old couple, with more lives in New Mexico and visits Dubai regularly every year. They offer Reiki 1 & 2, Reiki Master Practitioner Classes, Advanced Reiki Training - which is a wonderful preparation for the Master teacher level and takes only one day including a shaman healing process - as taught by the International Center for Reiki Training.  Their own work/workshop is teaching students to become practitioners of how to hold flows of evolution, to evolve situations both personal and global.

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They call this work Explorations in Conscious Creation,ECC™. This work is more in the realm of quantum physics and is a true commitment to planetary evolution. They believe who are drawn to this work agreed to anchor it on the planet, prior to birth. They do private sessions for clearing generational karma from all lifetimes, called “Birthing Seeds of Light” . . . on the planet and beyond. This clearing can occur with only one session. However three seems to set things in best for most people. Once the lineages are cleared, the attributes from these lineages come forward.




An internationally acclaimed mentalist, psychic and remote viewer.  He rose to fame in 1999, when he used his intuitive skills to find a missing airplane and its survivors in the jungle of Bolivia, after mainstream rescue efforts failed. Since then, he has also resolved other mysteries including: being able to locate a missing girl during an appearance on German television, and more recently, his accurate predictions on the death of Muammar al Gaddafi, the outcome of the election of Pope Francis, the 2014 war between Israel and Palestine and unrest in Ukraine plus governmental turmoil in Kiev In 2012. He foresaw the outcome of the economical conflict between Greece and Europe in summer 2015.

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Martin Zoller has been able to profile and resolve kidnappings and solve acts of crime, and is often called upon by media and law enforcement to help solve cases.  His visions and predictions have been published worldwide, and he’s regularly featured on television and radio programs to answer questions about daily issues and large-scale political events. In 2005 and 2006, he hosted his own popular TV show in South America. Then in 2011, he hosted his own show on German TV through RTL 2.

Also known for his ability to read auras, Martin Zoller can scan people in order to see their personality, while helping uncover their potential and future, in the process. His international client base often seeks answer to business, relationship, personal and spiritual issues. Politicians, lawyers and CEO’s are among the many who contact Zollerand seek his guidance in developing winning personal and business strategies, while also reaching their goals, along the way.

Martin regularly holds seminars, lectures and private consultations throughout the world. He is recognized worldwide as one of the most accurate and famous psychics alive.

Zoller's personal vision is to teach people to discover their inner potential, while helping them achieve their life goals, in the process.

To date, Zoller is the author of seven books about the sixth sense and human intuition, four meditation CD’s and a Remote Viewing DVD. He also participated in a movie about the sixth sense.



Max Strom is a global teacher, speaker, and author. Many know him for his two inspiring books: A Life Worth Breathing, now published in five languages, and There is No APP for Happiness, his most recent title addressing the challenge of finding meaning in the digital age. Max Strom’s interdisciplinary method, Inner Axis, is a system of field-tested techniques that produce immediate results. It is an innovative method that incorporates well-being exercises, breath-work, and breath-based yoga movement to generate personal health and growth.

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Because of its success with individuals across the world, Inner Axis is now being adopted by corporations as a sustainable mindfulness program, organizations that want to not only be successful, but healthy, and to make a meaningful difference in the world. Among Max’s recent speaking appearances were three TEDx events and a keynote speech on ethics in business at a Fortune 500 corporation. His articles and interviews have appeared in print, online media, radio, and television around the globe. As an in-demand speaker, Max has presented his method at the first Wellness Symposium in Saudi Arabia, The Inner Idea Conference, the Happinez Festival in the Netherlands, The Singularity University in the Silicon Valley, The Sea Island resort, as well as many yoga conferences. You can see more of Max Strom’s work on his home practice DVDs, Learn to Breathe, to Heal Yourself and Your Relationships and Max Strom Yoga – Strength, Grace, Healing. Max is based near Washington, DC.



Nir Levy, is an instructor and therapist of Anma Ampuku and Body reading. With 24 years experience of therapy, and 20 years experience of teaching, he is specialized in emotional work through corporal body work, and Chinese physical therapy body work. He is the student of the Japanese grand master Dr. Doann Tesunu Kaneko. He co-owns “Anma – Ampuku school of healing arts ”, in Madrid. He formed hundreds of students in the USA, Turkey and Spain.

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The anma (“calm with hands”) is a traditional Chinese massage technique. By stimulating key points on the body, the circulation of vital energy along the meridians improves and natural defenses are activated thus promoting certain natural healing mechanisms. Originally from Japan, Ampuku (“calm the abdomen”) combines work based on the hara (energy center) and a more emotional approach to health.
Nir Levy combines the best of both methods, advocating for a holistic approach to well-being: the person is considered an entity (which includes the mind and emotions), and a dynamic system. Anma-Ampuku combines deep physical work (massage of the muscles, tendons and ligaments), which boosts energy and removes tension, with a more psychological approach that determines the roots of problems or ailments that affect health.