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Rolfing with Andrew


Rolfing Structural Integration is a type of bodywork that focuses on the connective tissue, or fascia, of the body. Fascia surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, organs, and nerves, binding some structures together while permitting others to slide smoothly over each other.

Rolfing works to lengthen, stretch, and soften this tissue to restore postural balance, ease of movement, and a feeling of being more at home in your own body. It is practiced in an organized series of sessions or individual sessions within a framework that is designed to restore postural balance by aligning and integrating the body in gravity.

This bodywork is a holistic approach in how it approaches the self through one’s physical layer and can permeate through to assist with freedom of physical, psychological and emotional blockages. It is based on the work of dr. Ida P. Rolf.

About Andrew Rosenstock
An International healing artist and yoga therapist. Andrew leads workshops, retreats and private sessions globally.

Andrew is a C-IAYT 1000 yoga therapist, a 500hr Yoga Alliance, an iRest Yoga Nidra Level II trained teacher. Currently studying Rolfing at the Rolf Institute, is multi-certified in Thai massage, Esalen massage, and a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner.

He loves anything and everything having to do with helping people get back on the path of health, wholeness, and wellness as well as realigning themselves with a realization of their true nature.

AED 900

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