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Anxiety Workshop with Carolyn Cowan

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In this workshop we will explore what happens when we feel stress. How does the body respond to stressful thoughts and situations? How do our anxious thoughts appear in our body? From here we will learn how to change these responses to a positive relationship with the moment, our body and understand how to calm the mind. We will work with posture, using Kundalini yoga, lecture and healing breathing techniques that you can use, at home, to continue your journey towards better managing stress. 

Tools to use at home and to share with kids and partner to better manage yourself.

Notebook and pen and Loose comfortable clothes.

If pregnant, participation in yoga and breathwork will be restricted.

About Carolyn
Carolyn is an elevating and charismatic teacher with over 20 years teaching experience. She is also a relationship and trauma therapist with a private Practice in London.

"I am a parent, a sister, a friend and a lover. I am a feminist. Fiercely loyal, open- minded and very funny. I am intense, can be quite tricky and in all of that have an integrity that lets you know “I have been there” I know what I am talking about. So my classes are big, my trainings are full, and you are pushed, poked and provoked into really becoming the most exquisite version of you. I am Queer, kink-friendly, love cats, hot baths, Oud, travel and watching good movies. If I could live my life over I would have chosen to be a portrait painter and a writer. Hindsight is a wonderful thing".

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AED 750

1 Kundalini Yoga Class With Caroly Cowan: 210aed
2 Kundalini Yoga Classes With Carolyn Cowan: 370aed
1 Workshop With Carolyn Cowan: 750aed
2 Workshops With Carolyn Cowan:  1200aed
Carolyn Cowan Pass: 2 KY classes, 2 workshops and 1 hour individual consultation with Carolyn Cowan: 2020aed

Booking is essential, please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.