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Courage to Face Your Fears


Anxiety and fears are friends in some situations, enemies in others. But in all cases, they are invitations to rediscover the depth of our courage and inner security.

This is the right way to look at fear so that it becomes an opportunity rather than a problem. Dr. Bach assistant Nora Weeks once pointed out fear, is simply a test of courage.

Using the Bach Flower remedies, learn:
- how to face your fears,
- boosting your courage to act
- built your trust when you feel fear.
- how to express yourself without losing control

During this Free Talk
We will talk a little about Dr. Bach and the fear remedies
Which fear remedy to choose
How you can incorporate them into your everyday life to restore harmony.

Finish with a short meditation for Change and Fear

About Filomena Lo Conte
Filomena is an international Bach Flower Registered Practitioner trained at Mount Vernon, Dr Bach Center in the UK.

Her passion for nature has grown and she became a florist helping many people by using the flower remedies.

She is also a Reiki practitioner and loves to spend time outdoors in a park or on a beach meditating.

Free Talk

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