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Gong Meditation with Jens Zygar


Jens Zygar is one of the world leading personalities in terms of gong playing, teaching and performing. His integral sound music concept enables the participants to realize the holistic resonances within their body, mind and spirit relationship.

About Jens Zygar
Jens is a natural born rhythm and sound musician; he spent his childhood in West Africa where he developed a relationship with African music. As a teenager he started as a guitarist in bands and with new wave Rock’n Roll. In the early eighties he switched his focus completely to the
fields of sound music.

In 1984 he opened the Klanghaus (Sound house), an institute for healing and performance arts, where he developed the access to a holistic understanding of contemporary sound music. He met Yogi Bhajan and got acquainted with Kundalini Yoga.

At that time he got to know Hans Cousto, founder of the cosmic octave, the science of the frequencies of nature. Jens was inspired of this concept about the origins of harmony and started to experience
the healing effects of cosmic tuning forks. He got the german gong manufacture PAISTE to invent the planetary symphony gongs where every gong is a single octave analog vibrating instrument in
resonance with a planet of the solar system.

At the same time he cofounded the Star Sounds Orchestra, an acoustic- electronic cosmic band, that played for 25 years at many festivals all over the planet releasing over 10 albums.

Parallel Jens performed as a solo gong artist and developed many skills playing and performing gongs.

He wrote a german book about contemporary and historical gong culture and released 12 solo CDs with different musical cooperations.

His ongoing interest for gongs led to the invention of the DAO GONGS with the SONA gong manufacture and recently he successfully cooperated with MEINL the „Flower of Life“ gong, a 128 Hertz based sound therapy concept.

Jens travels around the world playing gongs and cosmic sound music as well as teaching how to play gongs and how to work with the integral sound work in healing context and spiritual wellness culture.

Besides being an demanded sound & rhythm teacher for intuitive, alternative music he performs with “Cosmic Vibration“, a vivid trance live act project.

”Intuitive music is a fantastic way of being one with the multiverse and
its many, many entities in a possible way of love and peace.“

Pre-booking AED 150
At the door AED 180

Please email and/or call 0565342899 for bookings and further information.

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