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Audionic Lecture and Sound Music Concert with Jens Zygar


Enjoy an edutaining evening with stories, informations and visions on one of the essential themes of man and woman kind: vibrational creativity.

About Jens Zygar
Jens Zygar grew up in Liberia and later moved to the North Sea coast of Germany to attend a boarding school which gave him a multicultural perspective on musical language. Also influenced by the Swiss author and scientist Hans Cousto, who introduced him to the concept of the Cosmic Octave in the early 80‘s, Jens started his own research for achieving the vision of a cosmic language for people and nature.

In the late 80's this inspiring and visionary connection led to the planetary tuned symphonic gongs which is up to now a future orientated concept of understanding spherical harmonics and dynamics in cooperation with PAISTE Gong Company. The planetary gongs allow performances resonating with the frequencies, tones and harmonics conveyed by nature in order to develop a unifying aural language that addresses the relationship between body, mind and soul.
In 1984, after completing his studies in natural healing, Jens Zygar set up the first dedicated holistic Klanghaus. Since than he works with sound as a transcending medium. His scientific researches regarding sound and nature frequencies led him to develop a new way of teaching these facts.
His seminars all over the globe give a deep understanding of how we can reconnect and heal ourself and others through the science of order frequencies of nature in various instruments as well as neuroscience studies regarding our cell structure.

Jens Zygar is a well experienced global gong and sound artist with a large spectrum of projects. His lectures and workshops are unique as they follow the inspirations, intuitions and imaginations of a holistic grounded culture that respects individual creativity as a source of life.
At Life’n One he will hold two seminar days which show various possibilities of practical sound and cell healing which can be booked separate as well as they build on each other in giving additional perspectives of healing.

Pre-booking AED 150
At the door AED 180

Booking is essential, please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.