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Free Talk on Life with Flower Essence


Flower essences have been used for over 80 years and were originally created by Dr. Bach using wildflowers found in the British Isles countryside.

Impatiens was the first flower he found in 1928, while he was walking by the banks of the River Usk in South Wales.

There are 38 Bach Flower Remedies. Each one is aimed at a different state of mind or emotion. They do not heal physical illness directly, but rather by restoring harmony to the mind they allow the body’s natural defenses to work more easily. It is believed that the essence captures the healing energy of flowers and plants, making it a simple system for people to heal themselves.

Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions:
How do I feel right now?
Is there anything worrying me?
Am I happy?
Do I feel in control or are things running away from me?
When was the last time I stopped to think about how I feel?

During this talk
We will talk a little about Dr. Bach
The 38 flower remedies he created
How they work
How you can incorporate them into your everyday life to restore harmony.

About Filomena Lo Conte
Filomena is an international Bach Flower Registered Practitioner trained at Mount Vernon, Dr Bach Center in the UK.
She is a great lover of plants and flowers.

Her passion for nature has grown and she became a florist helping many people by using the flower remedies.

She is also a Reiki practitioner and loves to spend time outdoors in a park or on a beach meditating.

Free Talk

Booking is essential, please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.