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Advanced Feng Shui Certification with Susanne Schutz


How To Enhance Your Life’s Potential with Feng Shui?
Based on the knowledge gained in the course Classical Feng Shui for Beginners, students will gain a more in depth knowledge of the landform and formula analysis. Using all rings of a Feng Shui compass.
Advanced 8 Mansions and Flying Stars analysis. How to remedy wandering stars and negative sectors. Introduction to the Na Jia System. Introduction to "Three Harmony Formulas". Calculation and analysis of annual, monthly and daily Flying Stars. Selecting dates for Feng Shui. Practical exercises.

Course Program
Content Day 1
Advanced Fundamentals (morning)
• Advanced Eight Trigrams Attributes
• Advanced Death & Emptiness Lines & Remedies
• The Rings of a San Yuan and San He Luo Pan
• How to Select a Luo Pan
• The Five Elements and the Environment
• Recognizing External Environmental Features
• The Five Factors of Natural Landforms
• Recognizing Internal Features
• House Facing vs. Door Facing
• Identifying & Measuring an Incoming Dragon
• Direction vs. Location
• The Three Harmony Frames

San He Formulas (afternoon)
• Eight Killing Forces
• Eight Roads of Destruction
• Peach Blossom Water
• Peach Blossom Sha
• Three Harmony Roads
• Five Ghosts Carry Treasure

Content Day 2
Advanced Ba Zhai (morning)
• Advanced Attributes of the Eight Wandering Stars
• The Importance of Time in Ba Zhai
• Advanced Principles of the House Gua
• The Na Jia Principle of Ba Zhai
• Advanced Ba Zhai Applications

Advanced Xuan Kong Flying Stars (afternoon)
• Advanced Xuan Kong Theory
• Qi Strength & Timeliness of Stars
• Advanced Nine Stars Attributes
• Treating Health Issues with Xuan Kong
• Understanding & Interpreting Facing and Sitting Star Combinations
• The Direct & Indirect Spirit Principle
• The Four Major Structures
• Special Xuan Kong Structures

Content Day 3
Advanced Xuan Kong Applications (morning)
• Annual Stars
• Annual Stars & Life Gua
• Monthly Stars
• Daily Stars
• Three Killings Affliction
• Grand Duke Affliction
• Year Breaker Affliction
• The Five Yellow Affliction
• Great Sun Formula

Audit Walkthrough (afternoon)
Practical Group Exercises and Presentation to the entire class

• Remedy Existing Problems: Negative Feng Shui within a property, be it a residential or a commercial property, can lead to the accumulation of negative Qi, causing an imbalance of life energy that gradually fills our environment with stress and overall negativity. A Classical Feng Shui practitioner can detect the areas in your home or office that are impacted by these negative Qi flows and make recommendations to either minimize or neutralize the negative outcomes of this bad Feng Shui. In some cases, negative Qi flows can even be reversed and turned into positive energy to benefit your life and work goals.

• Enhancing Life Circumstances: Through the evaluation of your property, a Classical Feng Shui practitioner can gauge the inherent Feng Shui potential of the property and detect whether it is prone to prosperity, wealth, harmony, or whether it is more likely to generate negative outcomes – such as sickness, legal problems, career issues, divorce, etc. With the use of this knowledge, the Feng Shui consultant can help clients enhance and strengthen the positive aspects of
the property in order to ensure good fortune and focus positive energies on specific outcomes, while at the same time offsetting potential negative outcomes.

• Forecasting: A highly trained Classical Feng Shui practitioner is able to forecast future possibilities that lie within the Feng Shui setup of a property. By means of careful examination and calculation of the external and internal Qi flows, as well as the governing stars of the property, a practitioner can predict the forces that impact which resident(s) of a property – and how. Predictions are usually made for a month or a year and will help the individuals to prepare for upcoming situations and take decisions accordingly.

Attendees need to bring with them a notebook, colored pens, floor plan of their residence if possible.

About Susanne Schutz
Susanne Schutz is the Founder and Managing Director of Suzhong Consulting Limited, a Classical Feng Shui consulting firm. She is currently the only Hong Kong based foreign Feng Shui consultant.
Susanne has spent 21 years in Asia (China, India & the Philippines), where she worked as a business and management consultant for almost 16 years before deciding to follow her passion and making a drastic career change to become a Feng Shui consultant. She took a sabbatical to study with Grandmaster “Dato” Joey Yap in Kuala Lumpur and graduated with distinction from the Mastery Academy for Chinese Metaphysics with a degree in Classical Feng Shui.

She has since settled down in Hong Kong where she offers Feng Shui audits for residential and commercial projects. Susanne is passionate about bringing the true spirit of Feng Shui into a modern context, while also educating the expat communities in Hong Kong and other Southeast Asian countries about the background, history and core principles of Classical Feng Shui. She frequently presents to expat associations and clubs, and also conducts Feng Shui city and hiking tours in and around Hong Kong.
Susanne’s business background and her subsequent career change have made her very aware of the potential and hidden talents that lie in all of us, and have made her passionate about helping others to maximize their own life potential.

AED 2300 - Beginners and Advanced Course combined is AED 3900

Booking is essential, please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.

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