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Free Talk on Building Your Own Body with Louis-Adrien Ollu


Understand the fundamentals of building your own body & mental awakening routine
In this workshop and talk you will be able to learn and practice different breathing techniques to manage your mental focus & stress levels. Louis will demonstrate some key acupuncture points to enhance organs function and release muscle tenderness. Louis will be touching on his blend of essential oils tailored for each energy meridian that is furnished by Louis-Adrien.

The unique aspect of this self massage is the abdominal / digestive aspect. Helping to removed inflammation and toxins from your organs.

-Knowledge and practice
-Key techniques to self manage health
-Better immune system
-Pain management & stress relief.

-Improve overall health
-Boos immune system
-Release body tensions
-Improve mental focus and body awareness
-Balance organs functions
-Improve your posture

About Louis Adrien Ollu
Louis is a French Osteopath & Holistic health practitioner practicing in Hong Kong since the last 3 years. Trained by several mentors in Traditional Chinese medicine, Louis is using different diagnostic methods to find the root cause of imbalances. His treatments use a wide range of gentle manual techniques to optimize and bring deep & long lasting results tailored to each patient. He has received post graduate diplomas in Nutrition, Women’s health, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Allergy desensitization.
Louis’ key elements in his practice are : Osteopathy, Nutrition, Chinese medicine energy system, Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Cranio-sacral therapy, allergy desensitization.

Free event

Booking is essential, please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.