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New Moon Women's Circle


This is a women only event

New Moon Women’s Circle
Together we will experience a space where we can be vulnerable, witnessed, and supported by other women who are big, bright, beautiful, loving and imperfect. We all have days and areas where we feel insecure and seek for a place to feel understood, seen and heard. As a group we will celebrate the success of each other, receive the prayers and reflections of one another and create the opportunity to open our hearts.

It is essential to promote women’s health - spirituality, creatively and holistically, to empower our voices and our contribution to this world. We will discuss topics that can lead to a more sustainable and transformational life within yourself and your families.

For the past 25 years, I have been working with women from all over the world and from all walks of life. I create a safe and non-judgmental circle for you to share your true self. Here you will find your voice, your confidence, claim your power, and celebrate your self-worth, leading to personal transformation.

The Woman circle will be held twice a month sharing powerful topics, providing meaningful exercises and essential tools to help you be more than a woman and be the best version of yourself.

Sisterhood can benefit your Health
To be able to share in a safe place can release your stress and anxiety
To be heard and understood will open your heart
Being in a circle of women who support each other is a powerfully potent way to receive validation.
You will learn from other and know you are not alone
This Woman circle can also be called the Sanity Circle
Connecting To Our Ancient ways of Matriarchy

New Moon in Libra:
You might have a strong need for balance and harmony now. You probably desire to keep things "nice" rather than venturing into fundamental questions in order not to disturb the peace. You must learn to share your good and bad feelings. Do not be afraid to be who you really are, despite what is expected of you. We will explore what is being expected of us and what you actually would like to do. What are you expecting from others and what others maybe would like to do instead.

About May Britt Searty (Dev Shanti Matwali Kaur)
Over the past 30 years May-Britt has been working in the field of holistic health and personal development using various modalities such as Cranio Sacral Therapy, Life Coaching, Naturopathy, 3in1 Kinesiology, Family Constellation, Personality Consultancy and is currently finishing a teacher training in Kundalini Yoga and Osho Therapy. She has working and living experience in varies countries across Africa, the Middle East, Europe and is based in Dubai for the past 6 years.

Her work focuses on the Intuitive Body, by incorporating Family Constellation and meditation as a main tool in understanding the Self better. Her approach is always geared towards the need of the person based on the 5 levels of healing from Dr. Klinghardt. You will feel empowered and touched to the very core, unlocking limiting beliefs, resolving and letting go of emotional baggage from the past. By healing certain relationships with your family and replacing these with an in-depth understanding of who you are allows you to move forward and invite new and more positive elements into your life. All work exists in a none judgemental and safe space.

AED 110 (All yoga, meditation packages can be used)

Booking is essential, please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.

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