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Ancient Treatment Anma-Ampuku with Nir Levi

Anma-Ampuku BodyWork Sessions with Nir Levi

Your body remembers what your conscious mind forgot.

This is one of the oldest healing arts in the world, the art originated in China 5000 years ago; It is based on the philosophy of Taoism, the model of “Yin and Yang” and the Chinese “5 elements theory”.

There are only 5 therapists in the world knows this ancient body work technique.

Anma is based on “traditional Chinese medicine”.
Nir Levi is using different kinds of stimulation techniques on the Qi points, which are located on the meridian system of the body.

He will use a large variety of exercises and stretches on all parts of the body. The main purpose of the work is to stimulate the Qi points, and release muscle tension, to create energy movement in the meridians system of the body. And also to create a better blood circulation and Qi circulation, all that in order to improve the body ability to heal itself.

This bodywork can be used as a preventive treatment, or to treat problems such as: headaches, cold, asthma, numbness in the body, high and low blood pressure, digestive problems, breathing problems, gynecological problems, insomnia and sexual difficulties.

Our Blockages:
The human body is like a mirror that reflects the internal emotional and physical state of the human. When we will observe humans, we will see the external expression of the internal blockages; these blockages are the cause of the physical and the emotional disease.

How is a blockage generating in the body?
The body receives an external stimulation, which creates a sensation, which creates a need, which creates a feeling, which creates an impulse.

This is an energetic process of nature that happens each time the body is receiving stimulations. The impulse that comes in the end of this process is the need to give an answer to this primer stimulation. This impulse has a real energetic power.

Humans can deal with that impulse in two ways:
1. Expression as a reaction to this impulse.
2. Oppression as a no reaction to this impulse.

The expression is naturally continuing the process, its releasing energy and creating a flow. The oppression is stopping the energetic process, it’s like saying the world “no”, it is creating a blockage that creates deaths in places where it appears. An energetic blockage is very powerful, it is equal to a vain or an artery blockage and the blockage will create damage to body tissues, and eventually will create the disease.

Humans must express to help the immune system to prevent diseases.

There is no disease in nature; there are sick people, the disease is part of the human personality, and it has been created in the body as a consequence of the oppressions that the human has accumulated in his life.

These blockages create the molds of life, those molds are what the human is identifying as himself. In order to create a healing process a human will have to make personal changes and changes in his patterns of behavior. The first blockages start accumulating in the body when the baby is inside his mother. His connection to the world is through his mother, his primer necessities are being fulfilled by the mother, the mother behavior will determine the baby first blockages.

When a new born baby feels in danger, he gets into a surviving mode, and he starts accumulating blockages. The ability of this baby to create connections with the society later in his life will be
determined by these first hours of life, by the level of the blockages he has built in order to survive.

There are three levels of blockages:
1. Muscles and tendons blockages.
2. Internal organs and energetic blockages.
3. Heart and emotional blockages.

The natural tendency of humans is to protect their blockages; Humans are recognizing the blockages as molds of life. This protection diminishes the ability of the immune system to prevent diseases.

Balance is relative in life and it is based on movement. To achieve balance, we have to walk the way toward healing.

About Nir Levi
Nir Levi Instructor and therapist of Anma, Ampuku and Body reading. Specialized in emotional work through corporal body work, and Chinese physical therapy body work. 23 years experience of therapy, and 19 years experience of teaching. Student of the Japanese grand master Dr. Doann Tesunu Kaneko. Co owner of “Anma – Ampuku school of healing arts ”, in Madrid. Formed hundreds of students in the USA, Turkey and Spain.

1session: AED 800
2 sessions: AED 1400
3 sessions: AED 2000
4 sessions: AED 2700

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