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It is that time of the year again.

We are meeting everyday at 5am in our center for 40 / 90 days for a special class.

This class will include

  • Prosperity meditation / chanting

  • Warm Ups

  • Nabhi Kriya (full time)

  • Breaking The Mask Meditation (11min)

Commitment options are:

  • 40days (June 3 - July 13)

  • 90days (June 3 - September 1)

  • Drop -in - whenever you have time.

It is completely up to you to attend everyday and commit, or drop in any day you feel like.

These series of classes are totally FREE of charge. Donations are accepted.

What will you gain:

Imagine everyday living the power of your soul! Your navel center corresponds to a nerve plexus, known to the yogis as the nabhi. It's the solar plexus and the center for divine sun energy! All the sunny things in your nature will be activate!

Together, these exercises get the abdominal area in shape quickly, and activate the power of the Third Chakra.

Courage to follow your visions, power to act with integrity, fearlessness to face the challenge, determination to honour your destiny no matter what and with confidence to be you in every moment!

To read more about the kriya:

You can contact 0565342899 for further information and bookings.

To be a part of the support group, follow this link:

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