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Chanting Eka Mai For Solstice

Deep Bodywork and Healing with Andrew

Mantra to Create Saintly Wisdom

This mantra offers the blessing to cut through the scarcity mindset and much of the energies in our modern society that keep us stuck in the outdated conditioning that's been placed on us for years. Allow yourself to instill the knowledge of the Universe as you humbly bow to the Infinite.

On June 21 we will be celebrating the cosmic glory of the galactic force of Woman that is YOU.

Let's take a moment to acknowledge all of you who will show up and command the creativity of creation through 2.5 hours of chanting Eka Mai. Create the vibratory pattern to magnetically pull in the reality to support yourself.

About solstice
The 2019 June happens on June 21 at 15:54 UTC. That’s 10:54 a.m. CDT in North America. This solstice which marks the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere – marks the sun’s most northerly point in Earth’s sky. It’s an event celebrated by people throughout the ages.

Benefits of this
Upgrading your magnetic field and extending the radiance

This is a donation based event

Please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.

About Seva Bhagti Kaur / Eda Gungor
She is the founder of Life'n One and an explorer in conscious creation. She likes to discover, try, share her explorations. Her dedication to kundalini yoga and the teachings help her to hold this donation based chanting for our community.

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