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Chanting For Prosperity

Deep Bodywork and Healing with Andrew

We will be chanting a very sacred sound current, gifted to humanity to: call wealth into your life; recited 25 times a day will rewrite your destiny; clear the karma, clouds, shadows & enhance your destiny; ensure prosperity for you & generations to come; change your poverty to prosperity; bring a huge radiance to you to call opportunities. This sound current is also charan jaap of Yogi Bhajan. We will be sharing his teaching about the topic through out the event.

Together we will learn to recite 25th paragraph of the morning prayer (Japji) and then we will do the Bahotaa Karam Kriya, to enhance our good luck and abundance. Recitation is 62minutes, meditation is 31 minutes and then we will end with a gong meditation.

We will be sharing the sacred information behind the meditation and Kriya. May 13 is 40days to go for summer solstice, and it is a great time to invest in ourselves.

Wear comfortable clothes, do not eat in the last 2 hours and have an open mind :)

This is a donation based event.

Please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.

About Eda Gungor/Seva Bhagti Kaur
Seva Bhagti Kaur / Eda Gungor is the founder of Life'n One and an explorer in conscious creation. She likes to discover, try, share her explorations. Her dedication to kundalini yoga and the teachings help her to hold this donation based chanting for our community.