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Private Healing Session with Mariam

Private Healing Session with Mariam.

This is a one on one session that is held privately. it is considered an integrative healing session where there is a possibility of applying more than one modality to serve the best interest of the receiver. The modality(s) used could be a combination or either one; Reiki Jin Kei Do, Crystal Healing and/or Quantum Touch.

The session is held in a very safe space and relaxed manner. Without any judgement, the process is commenced in a passive way that releases low vibration energies while amplifying higher vibration energies to aid wellness.

Through releasing unwanted energies, and energizing the physical and subtle bodies, depending on the readiness of the receiver, the receiver starts returning to their natural optimum health. The receiver does the healing while the healer facilitates and provides the necessary space and tools for the healing to happen.

The session is suitable for anyone who has physical, mental, emotional or spiritual imbalance. It is also suitable for relaxing, recharging energy and maintaining health experiencing high vibrations.

Reiki, or "life force energy" originated in Japan, Is a hands on energy healing modality. The practitioner facilitates the energy of the universe to charge the receiver with that energy that restores the balance on physical and subtle level. It is not easy to describe the experience in wards as each experience is unique.

Crystal Healing is a form of vibrational healing where the practitioner lays certain crystals and stones in a certain pattern "grid" to transform, direct, divert, amplify or detoxify the subtle energies and eventually promote balance and "life".

Quantum Touch is a hands on therapy that directs the life force energy to promote healing and optimal wellness on a cell level. The practitioner depends on breath and body awareness to direct energy.


-Physical Benefits such as: Pain Relief, Promote relaxation, general well being, symptoms and causes of physical disease, support immune system.

-Emotional Benefits such as aiding in stabilizing mood swings, anxiety. Promoting self love, forgiveness, grieving and enhancing self esteem.

-Mental Benefits such as: promoting focus and bringing clarity, grounding and presence of the mind as well as.

-Transformation of energy to dissolve patterns, unwanted habits and helps in overcoming addictions.

-Spiritual Benefits: Connecting with the higher self, brings acceptance of all that is and living in harmony.

Anyone can benefit from these sessions. Kids and teenagers may be accompanied by their parent(s) or care taker(s).

AED 650 per session.
Please email and/or call 0565342899 for bookings and further information.


Mariam A. AlMansoori , a self-taught plant based cook and a reiki practitioner, has developed her interest in spirituality from an early age throughout her quest to heal her overweight issue. Mariam was introduced to Reiki Jin Kei Do in 2007. She has ever since being trained and supervised by Master Dr. Muneera Al Fadhel. Shortly, her love for crystals and stones shifted to another level of consciousness through Judy Hall books and teachings. In 2008, Mariam reached another milestone when she got trained by renowned crystal healing teachers such as Sue & Simon Lilly, Hazel Raven and Julie Lomas. About her holistic wellbeing journey, Mariam in her own words says “Whenever I connect to the universal energies I feel home, it is humbling to realize that the body laying on the table does all the work, I am simply a witness of miracles in the healing process. It is very much humbling”.

“Gourmet Vanille” came in line with Mariam’s mothering and nurturing qualities to mark yet another significant step in her life journey. It started from a deep passion for healthy living. In 2012 Mariam started cutting off dairy and shifting towards a more responsible and conscious eating habits. As an alternative, she blended almonds with tahini, sundried tomatoes and other nutritious ingredients to create cheese alternative packed with calcium and minerals. Her dairy alternative concoctions became viral among friends, family and colleagues. As a result of her determination and keenness to better understand and create real food that supports the physical body, Gourmet Vanille was established as a home business. With personal research and self-education, Mariam has been able to widen the selection of her products and constantly review the recipes. It wasn’t until 2018 that Gourmet Vanille saw the light as an official establishment in the Kingdom of Bahrain. To Mariam “seeing Gourmet Vanille establishment is just a start for a new chapter in my life. I am most motivated by addressing specific needs and challenging requests. I remember a mother requesting for mozzarella alternative that kids may not feel the difference when topped on homemade pizza. I feel a sense of accomplishment and would look back and say “yes I did that”.
At the end of 2014, she established a small club “Vanille Cook Book Club” then became “Vanille Cooking Club” between 2014-2016. In the same year, she launched her first series of seminars titled “successful you” to follow with another two series in the following two years.
Currently, Mariam is working closely with chefs in Bahrian to develop recipes and expand the menu of Groumet Vanille to cater the increasing demand of healthy and plant based products. Her vision is to cross the boarders and reach outside Bahrain through exporting her products to the nearby countries and the Middle East. In parallel. she is preparing for her Diploma in Crystal Healing and arranging for the upcoming series of seminars under “Successful You” to be launched in 2019.

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