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Mindful Child Panel

Mindful Child Panel - free event

How to create positive impact on kids with simple mindful tools

This highly experiential workshop designed to provide you with knowledge and practices to support you on your journey to raise and educate mindful kids. You will learn from experts how to organize impactful mindfulness activities for kids. From breathing techniques, yoga postures and meditation to strategies on how to install new believes and prepare kids better for future challenges! Kids will have lots of fun learning yoga postures, practicing simple meditation and decorating their Gratitude jars. They will leave inspired and happy! It’s a must to register so we can prepare correct number of jars for your kids.


1. Talk on Kids mindfulness.

2. Panel discussion with yoga, mindfulness workshops and meditation experts.

3. Kids yoga practice 4. Meditation practice 5. Gratitude jars creation.

All attendees will learn powerful practical tools that help children to face challenges they experience and become more resilient, greatful and peaceful!

Free workshop.

Booking is essential, please Please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.

About Kristina Pa-Va

Kristina has been leading HR departments of several organizations in GCC for over a decade. She helped more than 9,000 people from all over the world to make a positive career shift and find a dream job.
After having a deep dive in to the field of Mindfulnes, Spirituality and Coaching she became very passionate about creating deeper transformation and more lasting changes in corporate world and in kids communities. This path led her to creation of several innovative wellness and mindfulness initiatives with corporate organizations, UAE Government, refugee camp and supporting youth leadership programs.
She believes in diversity and uses wide range of methodologies in her work, from NLP and strategic coaching interventions to energy healing, breathwork and yoga.
Her life principals are simple - Give from your heart and cherish every moment.

About Mia Man
Mia is marketing professional and yoga teacher. Having practiced yoga for over 8 years, she undertook her first yoga teacher training over 5 years ago in Asia and completed her Yoga Alliance 200 hour certification. Mia then went on to complete the more advanced yoga teacher training of 500 hours, with a special interest in yoga therapy and yoga for pre- and post- natal women. Mia has also worked with children’s yoga. In her spare time, Mia loves to write and is a regular contributor health blogs and magazines. Mia is also a busy mum to an even busier 3 year old Thalia, baby Ru and fur son, Zighy.

About Shereen Shaaban
Shereen is a Organizational and Personal Development Coach for over 6 years - having studied Relationship Systems Coaching, Co-Active Coaching, NLP, NVC amongst a host of other modalities. Her focus over the past year has been expanding her passion beyond organizations and individuals to running group workshops for both adults and children focusing on how to self heal. She believes people are whole and naturally resourceful and have all the tools they need to create transformations they want in their lives. She uses a range to tools and techniques in her workshop and sessions (meditation, visualization, etc) and likes to incorporate explanations to the teachings.

About Sarah Abdelal
Sarah strongly believes that each one of us are powerful, abundant and
creative beings. That life is a very precious gift and it is our
responsibility towards ourselves to make the most out of it! Through her
own journey of healing, she has studied Reiki, Pranic Healing, NLP,
Emotional Intelligence, Metaphor Therapy but the dearest to her heart is
Clinical Hypnotherapy, Aura and Chakras Photography and Shamanic Healing.
She has helped hundreds of peoples to reconnect with their inner peace,
joy and life purpose through private sessions in addition to various
workshops and also retreats to Peru for Shamanic Journeys.
She is not that ordinary sweet calm therapist, she will tell you exactly
what you need to hear for your healing to be activated. She is practical,
realistic, scientific and believes in taking actions in the physical
Healing, joy, happiness and bliss are birth rights. You just need to
remember that and sometimes you just need a non-judgmental safe space to
reconnect with that truth and Sarah creates that for you!