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Skin rejuvenation with crystal beauty tools

Skin rejuvenation with crystal beauty tools

Join us for a demo & talk about crystals, self care and skin rejuvenation with holistic beauty tools.

You will learn:
1. how crystal beauty tools can benefit your skin
2. how to give yourself a rejuvenation facial
3. how to firm skin and reduce cellulite with body gua sha crystals

You can bring your crystal beauty tools to participate in the demo, but if you don't have any, you are welcome to join anyway!

FREE Talk.

Please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.


“Honest Beauty Talks originated from a conversation between Maja and Tanja. A conversation and an aspiration for a more honest and loving beauty industry. A wish that we, as women, learn to fill ourselves with self-loving rituals that give us an effect on both skin, body and mind.”

In 2015 we set out with a dream of creating a beauty product that could stimulate the relaxation response through the senses of touch and smell.

We combined our love for crystals and healing aromatherapy with our favorite massage techniques to give you a modern, luxurious yet simple version of gua sha facials.

Our DIY facials gives you a well-deserved break in your everyday life whilst caring for your skin and mind.

We have designed several different Gua Sha beauty tools and accompanying DIY face balm kits, so you can create the one ritual that fits your "personality" and skin type the best.

“What we’ve learned, in our work, as aestheticians and holistic skin therapists, over the past 10 years, is that it takes hard work to treat the symptoms and it never gives a satisfying result. Instead, the solution is to put more energy into exploring and identifying the underlying cause of the “problem” so we can prevent it from happening again.

Unfortunately we have never found the solution in a cream or quick fix (sorry!), but we have found it in self care, relaxation and taking good care of ourselves, others and the planet.”