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Deserving a Stress Free Life - Women Only - Free Event

Recognize your own stress type

Are you a woman who is trying everything to have some balance but still is downing in stress?

To many obligations, duties and choirs to accomplish with such little time !
And still being able to put a smile on your beautiful face!

Come and learn what stress really does to you... emotionally , physically and mentally! Do not wait for a wake up call!

This mini workshop includes:
Why do we experience stress
What does stress do to your body
Recognize your own stress type
How to use :Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique
Emotional , Cognitive, Physical and Mental relief strategies,

Free Event

Contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.


She is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist , NLP practitioner and Aura
Photography Reader.
She conducts private session in addition to various workshops all over
Dubai which are fun, deep and educative at the same time.
She believes that we all have the ability within us to free ourselves from
the burden that weights us down, reach out to the purity and peace deep
inside and fill our hearts and souls with love and forgiveness.
She has a mission to proof and teach people that happiness is a simple
inside job and that life should be filled with joy!