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Breatharianism - Living Without Food

Breatharianism - Living Without Food

Discover a way of life free of all beliefs

How to be a light traveller in life? We all walk overloaded and prevented from living by our luggage too heavy for our little shoulders. We survive in this world, prisoners of our mechanisms, our beliefs, cut from everything: from us, from others, from love, from LIFE. I used to live like this too. BEFORE the magnificent gift of illness that made me derailed from this automatism and made me open my eyes to "who I really am", what is this world in which I live, beyond appearances...?. At this point of consciousness to see what is, by accepting it, I can finally start to transform myself, to choose to change myself. It's my own childbirth that is at stake. This body is on Earth and I, am I going to give myself BIRTH in LIFE? am I going to offer myself this gift?
I have this great happiness in my heart to take you on a journey that can lead to LIFE, LOVE, the unconditional one, Freedom, to travel light....
You will hear me, with your ears, but especially with your heart, and will not leave with more information, but with a profound modification of consciousness and opening of your heart.
I invite you to join me to experience living like me just for an evening! a gift offered by LIFE to the LIFE that is looking for itself....
I am happy to be able to witness and share my happiness to be with you...sister and brother of heart.


- Opening of the heart in consciousness
- Description of the breatharian condition
- How I got there?
- Living of Love as an individual, as a group
- Laying a conscious energy foundation for the group and Dubai
- Accompanying the breatharian process
- Presentation of the 4 Days "Out of Time " experience
- Pranamour, la Cité
- Healing with "Ultimate Water"


Discovery of a way of life and not a new way of eating
activation of the reconnection to the heart
receiveing the Food of Love
opening and activation of the pineal gland
healing with "Ultimate Water"
profound transformation of consciousness of who "I am" "where I come from" and "where I'm going"


Take a small object with you in order to offer it to a loved one who is not attending this talk so that they too can experience this connection to LOVE. They will be bathed in the Presence and activated by the "Ultimate Water" that will diffuse in the one who receives it the conscious love that you receive that day! As the essence of Love is sharing and abundance...

Free talk

Booking is essential, please Please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries. 

About Dominique

Graduate of HEC - Marketing
30 years in business consulting
25 years in real estate management
2 years as Sophrologist
4 years as Consciousness Awakening coach and
public speaker

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