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The Art of Face Fitness

The Art of Face Fitness

Today the industry of cosmetics, cosmetic procedures, make up is very enticing, very accessible and also very well spoken of. However, with each year, with each product or unnatural treatment we lose the root connection to our true self. Majority of us go through phases when we do not accept ourselves as we ARE, we search for ways to enhance the way we look, we search for the most expensive product or treatment that will hide our patches, pimples, wrinkles, and we certainly want the effects to be immediate. These external substances give us more confidence, security and "approval of the public".

How about we start questioning every patch, pimple, wrinkle on the face? Why is there a discoloration? Why is my skin dry? How can I help myself naturally?

There is a solution to every problem, and during this FREE TALK you can learn the importance of the CORRECT facial routine and also some other ways to enhance your look, eliminate double chin, tone up the face and have the glow back in your skin.

The main goal of Face Fitness is to enhance the blood flow to the face, nourish the lymphatic system and increase the natural release of collagen into the skin. The results can be seen within 2 weeks of practice, and even more so after few months of commitment and discipline. Attend the talk and learn more about it!

Education is key to expansion. Let us educate ourselves about the needs of our face in order to help it, not hide it.


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Nigora Normatova, originally from Tajikistan, has spent most of her life between Moscow, London and Dubai. Nigora is a Health & Lifestyle Consultant, International Author, Yoga teacher and a Face Fitness trainer. She loves to work with digestive health, skin health, energy enhancement, deep sleep and various chronic diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, gout, thyroid. Nigora is very passionate about FaceFitness as it is another NATURAL way to enhance how we feel and look. With her first book "Wake Up" being published in 2017 (in Dubai and Europe), she is impatiently waiting for her second book release "The Palace within You - how to cleanse and nourish your home environment." Having helped hundreds of people across the world to wake up to a conscious living, she shares enormous energy and knowledge with anybody who seeks to reach new levels of wellness.