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Family Constellation Workshop

family contsellation workshop

Sue and May-Britt have joined forces and are coming together to facilitate a 2 day Family Constellation Workshop in Dubai, which will be a combination of the classical systemic method and the Osho Family Constellation. This is a way to learn to say YES to life unconditionally. 

Family Constellation is a powerful method in which the flow of love is re-established in a family. In a Family Constellation Workshop, a participant sets up a family “constellation”, after a discussion with the facilitator. Areas that have caused generational stress, and affected the “soul of the family are identified. Disorder, or interruptions of the flow of love are acknowledged. The key focus in these constellations is: Who is missing from the Family? Who was disowned, incarcerated, institutionalized, died and never spoken of?

A “Constellation” is a framework for the movement of the soul. The constellation includes key family members who the facilitator has identified during the interview. Once the necessary persons in the family system have been identified, representatives are chosen from the group to stand for family members. The participant places the individuals in relation to each other. At that point, the individuals are able to provide information that is available in the “knowing field”, and the healing can begin. Solution-oriented interventions are applied, which will bring understanding, followed by a deep relaxation that allows love to flow again between members of the family system.

A constellation reveals unconscious collective laws operating within a family system and also helps us to fall in tune with higher laws that take us beyond both the personal and the individual family, and brings us in contact with another dimension, where we all are one. This has an immediate healing effect not only on us, but on everyone who is close to us.

This workshop is transformational and it is encouraged if you have difficulty with relationships, career, money, illness, addiction, lack of purpose, depression, anxiety, etc.. It offers an opportunity to remove “barriers” which has prevented a full enjoyment of life. This Family Constellation Workshop is for those with the courage to trust in solutions that can come simply and quickly, and a stepping stone from the dark into the light.

Why a Constellation?
Do you ever feel that no matter how much you wrestle with an issue nothing seems to change? Recurring patterns echo in our personal relationships. Family Constellation help us see these patterns - sometimes for the first time, certainly in new ways.

Observing a Workshop
A constellation provides an opportunity to explore issues with sensitivity and shed light on a variety of personal and professional dilemmas. You must see and feel the constellation process in order to "get" it.
At a workshop. you might choose simply to observe, or accept serving as a representative, or bring an issue for resolution. In the workshop, it is as though the representatives become antennae for unseen forces not previously understood. Insight generated for participants can point towards powerful healing and transformation.

OSHO Family Constellation is rooted in meditation and in the understanding that only through a deep love towards our family, and a profound acceptance of all that happened in the past, we are eventually able to leave the past behind, and to move beyond the family.
Then we have given birth to ourselves. For the first time, we become the individuals we were destined to be.

- February 22 & 23, 10.00 am - 5:00 pm
Attending just one day (Feb 22nd) is also possible!
- 1 day 1100 aed, 2 days 1950 aed
early bird, till january 31, 1600aed,
- Booking is essential, please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries. 

About May-Britt Searty & Susan ‘Sue’ Roth

Sue and May-Britt have been close friends for over 12 years, sharing a common passion for the journey of Family Constellation.  Intuitively they are very connected in working together, knowing how to respond and what movements to take without speaking to each other. They are frequently in touch to discuss further learning and progress in this field. Both have an extensive international experience and are coming to dubai to share this unique collaboration with you. Join May-Britt and Sue in tapping deeper into your self development. 


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