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The Gifts of the Feminine and Celestial Communication Workshop with Shama Kaur

The Gifts of the Feminine and Celestial Communication Workshop with Shama Kaur

Have you ever felt that you are always on the go? Moving, in action, solving problems, directing, deciding and controlling?
This is a sign that your left side of your brain (masculine) is dominant and the right side of your brain (feminine) needs nurturing.
In this class we will explore how we can embody and heal the feminine aspects of ourselves through a Celestial Communication meditation practice, and bring these qualities to the world, including – openness, receptivity, patience, trust, intuition and creativity. We will relearn the art of allowing things to fall into your lap rather than chasing after things.

Celestial Communication is moving meditation with the upper body to open and strengthen our heart, creativity, and radiance. This class will focus on chanting mantras that support your relationship with the Divine Feminine.

- Balance both Hemisphere of the brain
- Connect with your feminine nature
- Let go & trust in the unknown
- Relax into the present moment
- Experience Healing through Chanting

Saturday 22nd of September, 12.00 pm - 2.00 pm
AED 250
Please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.

About Shama

Shama Kaur is the first Egyptian Aquarian Teacher Trainer. Shama means ‘the one who shines the light of her inner soul. ’Her broad understanding of the human experience is an outcome of the collective and diverse knowledge she gained through her personal journey.

First and foremost, her training in the technology of Kundalini Yoga is what paved the way for who she is today. It came at a time where she was struggling with her mother’s eternal disease and brought her healing.

In later years, Shama pursed the path of becoming an Aquarian Teacher Trainer with the Kundalini Research Institute. She furthered her studies in modules including stress & vitality, mind & meditation, conscious communication, authentic relationships and diet and lifestyle. Today, Shama facilitates group trainings in a diversity of topics that inspire conscious living, good health and happiness. She has delivered several trainings in Cairo and is scheduled to deliver trainings in Dubai, Kuwait and Bahrain.

A successful entrepreneur, Shama established the first internationally recognized yoga center in Cairo at the age of 25, and was awarded a grant by European Reconstruction and Development Bank - as part of “Women in Business Program” to grow her business. More over she received a mentorship grant from the Cherie Blair Foundation in 2012 for “Mentoring Women in Business Program”.

She has given several talks; and is passionate about inspiring people on how to take charge of their lives and to be happy by tapping into their full potential. Shama has also recently started to be involved working on the ground with the Syrian refugees in Greece.

Currently she is involved in a Youth Empowerment Training Program that offers scholarships for youth tp become Excellent Conscious Leaders in todays world.

A graduate of Business Strategy and Commerce from McGill University Montreal; Shama Shama Kaur also holds a Masters degree from King's College London.

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