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A Guide Back To Yourself - Free Talk

A guide back to yourself Francis Saliba

Do you regularly feel frustrated with life? Does your life fluctuate between high levels of stress and high levels of boredom? Do you sometimes feel lost and confused about who you are and your place in the world. We have all been there and those who still haven’t will probably face it at a certain point. It is vital to be able to reclaim yourself by understanding what your true nature is. Once this is established, harmony, and peace arise as natural qualities of your true self.

- Recognize how and why you become disconnected from your true self
- Learn the difference between your mind and yourself
- Learn how to practice this new understanding to bring about the peace you want

- Understand the causes that pull us away from who we truly are
- Learn how to dismantle these causes and become centered in your own being
- Gain confidence in yourself by having clarity about your true nature

This is a free event
Please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.

About Francis

Francis Saliba (founder of Revolution of Happiness) is a speaker, certified trainer and coach with a twist. In his teachings, he combines the theoretical and practical understanding of self-development and self-transformation with his vast spiritual knowledge.
Francis developed a step-by-step course which merges his acquired experience of education and people development with diligently selected transformational concepts from a wide variety of spiritual sources. Francis’ goal was to combine his knowledge to create a clear guided approach to help people become better versions of themselves. His intention is to give others the tools that can help them live a life of fulfillment, lightness, contentment and happiness.