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Lion's Gate Special Schedule

Lion's Gate

What is Lion's Gate?

From a purely astronomical and spiritual perspective:

Each year on July 26th, the sun, the earth, and the star Sirius move to specific points in the sky, creating an opening between the physical and spiritual worlds. On the 8th of August, the alignment reaches its highest point, and this gateway is known as the “8:8 Lion’s Gate” due to it peaking on August 8th in Leo, represented by a lion.

The Lion’s Gate portal activates when Earth and the sun align with Sirius, which is far bigger and brighter than Earth’s sun and is known as the “spiritual sun.”

Are you ready to Roar like a Lion?

This is the time to speak your truth. That’s doesn’t mean to rip anyone’s head off. It just means to make sure the voice that you are using is yours. Not the critic that lives in your head who sounds a lot like your mother. Be gentle and kind with your words, but never compromise what you are saying.

To Roar like a lion, speak your trust and download the energies:

Lion's Gate Special Schedule:
5.00am Sadhana / Kundalini Yoga (donation based)
7.45am Prosperity Meditation (donation based)
8.00am Kundalini Yoga
7.00pm Mantra Chanting for 62 minutes followed by Singing Bowls Sound Bath, Mantra for Moving Forward: So Dar Kehaa (The 27th Pauri of Japji) (Donation based).

More information about the mantra, please click here.