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Eclipse Season Ending Special Schedule

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Create an internal transformation that ultimately results in an external transformation

Eclipse Season Closing Special Schedule

5.00am Eclipse Special Sadhana/ Kundalini Yoga (Donation based)

9.30am Iyengar Yoga

1.00pm Chanting to shatter misfortune with the power of a thunderbolt and affect generations. 62 minutes of chanting Pauri 24 followed by Singing Bowl Sound Healing (donation based)

4.45pm Prosperity Meditation (donation based)

5.00pm Yoga Fusion

7.00pm Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation


About The Mantra:

The human body is a microcosmic manifestation of the macrocosmic material (our, universe, galaxy, solar system ..)

The 24th Pauri provides us with the technology to shift + align the macrocosmic energies to our own microcosmic ones. In doing this, we are able to inbox our physical bodies (DNA, cellular bodies, cells) with the remembrance of the natural order of wings - IE, the inherent symmetry of the cosmos. in doing this, we prevent dis-ease before it starts, and can stop already advancing disease in its tracks. 


Call / WhatsApp 0565342899 or email for further information and bookings. Mantras, cushions, mats etc. will be provided by Life'n One.

Earlier Event: August 8
Lion's Gate Special Schedule