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Children Anma Ampuku Workshop

Kundalini Yoga in Dubai at Life'n One

If we will apply Ampuku in regular bases on a child, the energetic system and the general well being will develop smoothly, it will contribute to the child general health. The child will be more relaxed, and there will be fewer tendencies to nerves sensitivity. Stagnation and pains can be prevented, and the elimination system of the body will work smoothly. The necessity for drugs in young age will reduce dramatically. Children by nature are weaker and thinner, the bones and the mussels are in a constant growth.

We can apply Ampuku to children in all ages, starting with newborn babies until children in the age of 12. The child body systems, will observe the work very quickly, and the effects on the body are quick.

In the workshop we will learn a special sequence of Ampuku bodywork design for the needs of kids. This work can be applied by the parents in everyday life, improving and enforcing their children’s health and the inner family connections.

The workshop is for parents and kids.
AED 450
Please contact 0565342899 or email for further information and bookings

A therapist and an instructor of Anma-Ampuku and body reading, with nearly 3 decades of experience, specialized in both physical and emotional systems of healing arts, with an extend experience in both aspects.
Currently treating and instructing in Paris, Geneva, Madrid, Istanbul and Dubai.
In the last 28 years Nir dedicated himself to the studying of human behavior, he worked in many different establishments and had the chance to observe people in different and sometimes extreme situations in life, Nir did a lot of his studying process observing people in mental institution, that allowed him to see the different elements system in an extreme circumstances, he trained hundreds of students around the world trying to pass them this knowledge.
In his work Nir treat people through body, mind and energy work. Nir uses many methods of work and the main one is: Anma–Ampuku, Body reading and verbal communication. The understanding of human behavior and human evolution helps him create a relatively complete and pragmatic treatment that allows his clients to feel healthy and happy and benefit the maximum from it while adjusting to the life in the 21ST century.
Nir is happy that he has the opportunity to give treatments and classes in different countries around the world, and experience different cultures.