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Your Purpose Your Design

Kundalini Yoga in Dubai at Life'n One

Join Bart Smyth in this 3 hour workshop to learn how to design the path to a life which flows, expands, grows and all without the need to fix or change ourselves or others. There truly is a more simpler experience. Frequency of thought/sensation and spoken words align quickly once we see who is in charge or who is in the drivers seat of our choices and our attractions.

Have you ever thought, "I can’t believe this turned out the same as last time?" Or
"I have done everything my coach has said and it still isn’t what I want!”

How about changing this to: “I know I am self sufficient and supported at all times!” and this is reality, not an affirmation said in hope!

Frequency is the buzz word and manifestation of our desires in co-creation is spreading in mass and still we hear people recite Abraham Hicks perfectly, monitor their frequency almost maniacally, and, their lives go up and down like a roller coaster!

During Barts new course, I had a huge, clearing, “aha!”,this left me with a sense of grace that has filled my days since. The amazing thing is, I have taken all of his courses starting 10 years ago. My life improved in so many was yet, I had reached a place of decision, to leave my work since my business is doing so well, or push on till retirement in 2 years. I got it! A giant resistance appeared which revealed within the first minutes of the course. I almost fell out of my chair. Since I have uncovered something I buried my whole life and clear the residue entrapment this had caused. I feel like a different person, my mind is free and I even feel like I am learning how to walk again, stress free, without the continual planning and frustration. I move throughout my day, knowing I am more then enough, and that all is well. My approach to creating and choice making is truly from me, my hearts desire. The only thought truly is “who am I, and knowing I am in the drivers seat for the first time, I know I will know what I need to know, when I need to know it, no longer pushing to avoid my truth!

Although I had manifested a business I love, relationships and more, I had reoccurring issues and traumas too, subconscious imprints are tricky and also, our training will lead us right past our gold!

You receive greatly being present to others who choose to work in front of the group

AED 450
Please contact 0565342899 or email for further information and bookings

About Bart Smyth

Known internationally for his Healing skills that bring substantial, lasting and quick results! As well, he has taught thousands what is possible and, guided/trained them to assist others! The courses Bart has desigvned, give you clarity, and, a proven path to develop and grow your Life's Business, Connecting to Joy and YOUR Hearts Desire! Living Out of Your Mind and expressing you, your role, that is SO vital! Then there is no need for Passion, Your are the Flow, the reason, the creator and created, in concert with universal intelligence and in True Alignment, not mental constructs or shoulds to motivate you anymore!!.

Bart has assisted thousands of people find their life's purpose and develop their career from their hearts expression for over 25 years while assisting over 45,000 worldwide gain pain free healthy living. Bart has created courses to assist one to realise clarity, clarity beyond limiting thoughts or patterns, to where you see, you have always made the perfect choice. This brings confidence and freedom.

A professional trainer/therapist for 30 years, Bart has taught Quantum Healing, worked in sports therapy using energetic, neuromuscular therapies and massage. He has as a thriving business traveling to Dubai, Turkey, China, USA, Europe and Scandinavia. He has 3 children in Sweden and lives in Järbo where he sees clients, teaches Tai Chi and Qi Gong, assists local families doing healing work on horses, cows, sheep, chickens, pigs and pets. He is also a Shaman, initiated 17 years ago by don Benjamin of the Shipibo tribe in Peru after training since 87. He is a Grand Master of Tai Chi in direct lineage to Chen Man Ching, studying with Pi Lu Fei and Martin Inn. Bart teaches Tai Chi, Yi Quan(I Chuan), is a Master Practitioner of the Yuen Method( Quantum Healing on all levels and ALL dimensions). Bart opened up Europe and Scandinavia in the early 90's and continues to teach this method worldwide. Bart's quest has been freedom, freedom beyond thought and processing. To live achieving all with ease and confidence.

Clarity brings more clarity. You have the ability to clear the past, bringing clarity to each moment as you build momentum from clear, right decision making. When our lives gain momentum and ease, we realise who we are, and,,, what we TRULY LOVE TO DO!!

Bart loves his work, it has worked for him and for countless others too!