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The Wheel Of Samsara


Dear Ladies,
Join us to play Psychological game for women “The Wheel of Samsara”.

This is an interactive game with your own subconsciousness.
It is based on 8 psychological archetypes of women which are described in fundamental understanding of classical psychology by Carl Gustov Yung.

According to Carl Yung all women through their life- journeys live through certain periods which corresponds to each archetype. Some women get stacked in some patterns of curtain archetype and it can create sequence of repetitive situations, “mistakes”, choice of the same partners, same decision etc. this woman feels like she is running in circles “The Wheel of Samsara” and do not know how to exit.
According to Carl Yung all of the archetypes are must to be lived through. Each allows us to gain curtains immunity to the circumstances, people, we start to recognize our patterns and not step into unnecessary “lessons”. This will help us to clear our karma and elevate our vibrations of souls at maxim possible level.
There are 4 main archetypes and 4 shadows of each, see below just brief description of them:

The first one is Princess - a girl up to 10 years old. She is impressionable, “good” girl, if she obeys order of parents she is rewarded. All the events related to this age are important for our harmonious future relationships. Many of us have many blockages from childhood and in this game we can heal it, let it go and connect to our playful “inner girl”.
The shadow of this archetype is Trickster - a teen girl, who riots against the system, rules, parents, school etc. Both of these types are girls not yet responsible for their life’s, decisions and they attract into their lives certain type of partners.

The second archetype is The Priestess. She follows the feminine principles and fertility of the nature. She is at ease with her own deepest and most central values and visions. And only through union of the feminine and the masculine our culture and personality prospers and grows.
This young woman who knows what she wants in her life. She is becoming independent from parents. She is even able to pay her bills. In this period of time she is open for love, ready for relationships with a strong man, her King and she relishes her feelings. If she falls in love... she does it fully on all levels. Teenager’s time was sensitive for many of us. First broken heart, hurtful comments of friends, disconnection from parents, missed understood behavior, mistakes etc...
The shadow of this archetype is The Witch. Because if someone broke the heart of The Priestess she becomes this type of woman and not in a bad meaning of it. This word was abused a lot in the past, but at this context Carl Gustav describes The Witch who is searching for answers, searching for tools to heal her heart, she is getting trained at many levels to understand her nature, power and learn about men. This shadow of a woman can be dangerous for herself if she won’t heal her heart, she might start to break hearts of men she meets just for the sake of it... just to revenge.

The next Archetype is The Huntress - carrier builder,
woman who is fearless, now responsible not only for herself, but for kids or for colleagues. She is the semi-divine leader responsible for the safety and well being. History and art have shown that every society must have not only a wise leader who is entrusted with guiding his people to success and comfort but navigate in unknown territory towards redemption. The responsibilities of the Huntress are mainly on the unconscious side, but worldly benefits and virtues must be many as well. And if the Huntress fails in her duties she is traditionally disposed and evil prevails.

Her shadow sides are tyrant and weakling both disposing male energies. She becomes
The Amazonian Woman, if looses her Feminen identity and start to compete with men in her carrier development - subconsciously she hates men, she thinks she is better, she is strong, they are weak...
If she is the Boss in a company she takes revenge on men bellow her in the hierarchy.

The next archetype is The Mother. She is like the Warrior today the most controversial of the archetypes, because of ideological former and current stereotypes. The Mother is a life giver who maintains humanity as the warrior clears the space for renewal and change. The Wise Woman, represents Logos according to Jung a feminine principle, is the archetype behind a multitude of professions like doctors, but also lawyers, teachers and priests. She sees the unseen. She is the prophetess, mediator and communicator of secret knowledge, the healer, counselor, teacher, and spiritual.
The Wise Woman always has a tendency to abuse her power, being the negative
And become the witch or in this game we call her “The Step Mother”. She becomes like energetic wimpier if she doesn’t heal herself. She interfere in the business of her kids, she hates her daughters or sons in-law. She becomes difficult person to be around. Sure you all have met such... but what if we might become the same or maybe we already have some qualities of this archetype?
In our lives few to individual circumstances we could “jump” from one period either fast or even won’t have it at all. For example if a girl has to ta care of her sisters and brothers at young age, she wouldn’t gain the energy of the princess archetype enough and then because it’s not fulfilled in her her partner will be either missing it or even change accordingly to balance it. The Princess archetype is important because only if we are in this energy we empower our partners with masculine energy!
All these roles could be fulfilled by one person and in fact have to be...
The shamanic woman or the Goddess as a holistic archetype has the Huntress capacity to lead, the Mother’s capacity to care, the Priestess capacity to value someone or something enough to fight. The Princess can be very special Muse and inspire her King. Even the Witch if she balances her emotions will become compassionate Fairy!

Usually the game lasts 3-4 hours - Find out more about yourself by signing up

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