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Pre-Hispanic Aztec Dance


Dance is a mixture of movements, where all parts of the body are related, imitating animals and the way we revere the four elements on Earth: soil, wind, fire and water.
Dance as fundamental part of Culture development, maintains a close relation with astronomic cycles, guardians of the Universe, marriage, funerals and political aspects through ceremonies and rituals.

Our ancestors instill their offspring this knowledge through their education system: Calmecac (educational center for nobles and priests), Telpochcalli (where children received military education, culture and religion) and Cuicacalli (dance and singing) focused on maintaining the relation between body, mind and spirit.

The main target of this workshop is to introduce The Pre-Hispanic Dance, in order to maintain the relation between us an Mother Earth. It will explain the symbolism of every movement and its relation with nature, as well it will be taught Mother’s Earth Dance.

Our participants: This ceremony is open for both men and women workshop from 13 years old, as well as a workshop only for children.
Dress code for women: long dress

Private sessions are for AED 250.
Please email and/or call 0565342899 for bookings and further information.

About Flor:
Flor Murcia (Ollinketzalxoxitl) is from Mexico and is a holder of Aztec fire. She manages a media channel called Mundo Holistico, and is very active in many parts of Latin America where she won many several awards.

For is: 

  • Guardian and Bearer of the Fire Ritual of the Nahuatl Mexika Tradition. 
  • Chief and Guardian of the Rite of the Nahuatl Nation. 
  • Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Traditional Government of the Nahuatl Nation.

These were given to Flor by the family of Tkatoani Moctezuma ("Emperor of Mexico") who ruled when the Spanish people arrived to México.

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