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Conversation about the Emotion 'LOVE'


Author/Motivational Speaker/Certified Facilitator Patriccia Balan invites and inspires you to a greater possibility with the emotion Love. You have have no expectations when you have gratitude! And true gratitude or true loving, caring, kindness, allowance can exist when we have no judgment. It starts with no judgement of self which invites others to the possibility of no judgment of self. Leading to a judgment free universe. It is not anymore about the Kingdom of ME it is about the kingdom of WE to create greater.

The Author, Patriccia Balan shares her experiences and the people she has facilitated with the emotion Love. She will invite and inspire you to have true loving with no expectations and include the magic ingredient 'Gratitude' in every area of your life. Which starts with being grateful for your Being and your Body.

A different perspective and a different way of functioning on earth. And acknowledging what happiness truly means to you. As we are all unique and our definition of happiness is what creates limitations rather than possibilities.

This book launch event is free.
Please email and/or call 0565342899 for bookings and further information.

About Patriccia
Patriccia Balan was born in Assam, and brought up in Bangalore India. She has been residing in Dubai for about 23 years. Her background in the Corporate Industry has been in Advertising, having worked for several multinational, she chose to start her own production Company called Papprikka Productions, where she produces still photography, corporate videos and television commercials.
Since childhood she has been a seeker, she always wondered what she was here for. What was her purpose. Having achieved the career success, financial freedom life through yet another challenge when her partner decided to move on in life, just when she thought she finally had the relationship she so desired.
The universe was almost forcing her to look at what she was here to be.
She chose several modalities, read a lot of books, learnt a lot of healing modalities and is now a Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness.
Her journey as a healer over the last 5 years, inspired her to write a book about the emotion 'Love' and how we forget about Gratitude which is a game changer.
Today, Patriccia is a motivational speaker, Certified Facilitator and an Author.
She conducts workshops empowering people to know what they know, offers one on one private sessions and is working towards penning thoughts on her next book.

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