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Flor Murcia (Ollinketzalxoxitl) is from Mexico and is a holder of Aztec fire. She manages a media channel called Mundo Holistiko, and is very active in many parts of Latin America where she won many several awards.

Flor is: 

  • Guardian and Bearer of the Fire Ritual of the Nahuatl Mexika Tradition. 
  • Chief and Guardian of the Rite of the Nahuatl Nation. 
  • Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Traditional Government of the Nahuatl Nation.

These were given to Flor by the family of Tlatoani Moctezuma ("Emperor of Mexico") who ruled when the Spanish people arrived to México.

Flor is visiting Dubai for 10 days, and this talk is an opportunity to learn about her lineage, and her work and the events that she will hold at Life'n One between Sacred Dances, Fire Ceremony and private sessions.

Flor's sessions depend on the need of each individual by using all her ancestral knowledge and the knowledge of the fire, anyone should do this to improve their lives and get an insight to how ancient traditions of the MEXIHKAS can purify them and bring a new perspective in to their life so they can gain power and control, therefore peace and equilibrium.

This talk is free to attend.
Please email and/or call 0565342899 for bookings and further information.

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