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The Amazon Vine of Souls (Door Way to the Spirit)


Nina Stone will talk about the Amazon shamanic plant medicine, which is said to be The Doorway Into The Spirit World. Ayahuasca is in fact this Doorway, this will ultimately awaken your consciousness to the existence of your Soul... this talk is educational about an ancient practice meant to plant the seeds of faith, from the Amazonian cosmic point view.

Learn what's it like to explore your consciousness with medicinal plants and make positive behavioral changes to better gain understanding and perspective from your life events and become of more service to others. Listen to how the indigenous tribes heal their deep hidden subconscious issues by gaining a new perspective on them and how to face them instead of just smiling to hide them. Hiding it’s not the approach, what happens when we push the cork under the water eventually it will pop out, the best thing is to heal the issue, so the smile will be a real smile. Not the one to hide the pain the kind of smile that reflects your true peace of mind. This is the kind of smile Nina would love to see on everyone’s face. Ayahuasca helps you with that.

This is a free event.
Please email and/or call 0565342899 for bookings and further information.

About Nina
Nina Stone mends the subconscious mind with a tranquil mind and a wiser spirit. When you meet Nina, you will notice that she gleams with a zest for life. Name the sport, for sure she has tried it. Not only will she try it out, she will always aim to be the best at it.

When she discovered her passion for capoeira, her obsession led to the pursuit of becoming the first female professor in the entire middle east. Two times NCCP fitness champion in USA. The exotic Brazilian / Iranian left home at 17 and traveled far and wide. Fueled by adrenaline and financially supported by being a professional capoeira instructor, personal trainer, Samba dancer, and Tarot card reading that was thought to her by family. Through this perfect combination she gained immeasurable knowledge in movement and body language in a multicultural space.

Over the years, she became obsessed with subconscious mind and the effects it has on creating our patterns, behaviors and controlling our lives and shamanism the study of all the elements and communicating with earth, animal’s spirits and different dimensions to help people. she took courses related shamanism, faster eft, energy clearing , entity clearing techniques in countries like Brazil , Hawaii , India , Iran and South Africa.

For the full changing of a subconscious patterns and its effect to set in, Nina suggests a recipe of 10 sessions. One session is only 45 minutes. But with only one session, you will already feel a change.