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Money Forgiving Worshop

Money Forgiving Workshop with Oxana Kravets and James Rudolf

Money Forgiving Workshop with Oxana Kravets and James Rudolf

High monetary results reach only 5% of people who have no restrictions on the energy associated with money. All our experiences and thoughts about money are filled with fears, non-acceptance and resentment. Due to the fact that they so strongly affect our life, money generates a large number of negative experiences, blocks and imprints that live in our body.

For example, we remember how parents scolded about money and the relationship deteriorated, now when we want to increase the cash flow this block get triggered and gives the command: do not go there it is not safe!! And we take a step to the side. A large complex of imprints is associated with the moments when it was necessary to give money away, this protest is also stored in the body. The next time we make money we start to feel uncomfortable about the fact that they will have to be given away, so it will be better if the money does not come to us at all. We see how people get negatively affected because of money, we condemn such people. If money has such an impact on them, then money can influence us negatively to.

AED 350
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Learn how to:
- Release the blocks and imprints, related to energy of money
- Release resentments and regrets related to money
- Release negative influences related to money
- Allow more money to flow into your life

About Oxana:
Oxana is a certified Usui Reiki Master-Teacher. She got introduced to Reiki in 2010 and experienced miraculous healing on herself, since then she became dedicated Reiki practitioner and spent 3 years with her Master. She continue this journey of healing by becoming certified Yoga instructor and ThetaHealing® instructor.
Today Oxana is full time healer and yoga therapist, she use these skills to facilitate individuals in working through physical, emotional, mental challenges and spiritual transformation.

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