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Healing with Food - Workshop


In this workshop you will be introduced to the macrobiotic understanding of food as medicine, both from the traditional understanding of food as energy as well as the modern nutritional perspective of the benefits of plant-based diets. 

Using as a foundation the traditional medicine concept of the five transformations, or stages of energy, you’ll gain deep understanding of how plant foods such as whole grains, vegetables, beans, and others contribute to health and how the modern diet based on meat and processed foods contributes to sickness. 
Practical guidelines for adopting a plant-based diet will be featured, as well as suggestions for using food as medicine, including home remedies prepared from common plant foods, to cancel the negative effects of the modern diet.

You will get insights into:
- Understand how you can heal with food
- Learn what is the optimal diet for health and well being
- Learn how you can use specific foods for specific conditions
- Learn simple natural home remedies

This is a two day workshop
Friday 14th of December, 10.00 am - 6.00 pm
Saturday 15th of December, 10.00 am - 6.00 pm

Price: 950 AED
Please contact us to sign up by either calling/whatsapping to 0565342899 or emailing to


Edward Esko is one of the world's leading teachers and counselors on the macrobiotic way of life. He studied with Michio Kushi for many years and has served as Executive Director of the East West Foundation in Boston and Director of Education and Dean of Faculty of the Kushi Institute of the Berkshires. 
He has personally counseled and guided thousands of people toward improved health through the macrobiotic diet and way of life. He has lectured in over a dozen countries and authored or edited more than twenty books, including Holistic Health through Macrobiotics, Natural Healing through Macrobiotics, and The Macrobiotic Approach to Cancer. 
Edward co-founded the International Macrobiotic Institute in 2016 to further the dream and vision of his mentor, Michio Kushi, and to make quality macrobiotic education and guidance available to people around the world. Together with his wife, Naomi Ichikawa Esko, Edward offers a variety of personal and group services, including personal dietary and way of life counseling, lectures, and online courses.

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