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Zen Counseling with May-Britt

Zen Counseling with May-Britt

This workshop is based on meditation. It give you a chance to enhance your skills and broaden your approach when working with people/clients or even yourself.

The journey is based on Osho’s vision in which therapy is to clear the ground for moving more deeply into meditation. This helps us break out of identification with the mind and into a state of relaxation and alertness.

The Workshop will explore essential and effective ways of connecting with yourself to create a better understanding of the client you are working with. We will learn how to allow for the gab needed to nourish the essence of the client. You will have the opportunity to crystallize and dissolve personal problems around life issues such as relationship, work and meditation.

Even though I will teach certain techniques, like Gestalt work, my approach will not be technique-oriented. Everyone will be able to apply his new skills and insights gained to a wide range of different situations wherever he or she is in a position of helping people. Real transformation and healing happens not from what we do so much as through our ability to remain present and loving.
In the workshop we will find presence in ourselves and support such state in the person we work with. We will look at projection, resistance and desire. How to respond to different people with flexibility and look at the principles of healthy relating. We will be working with and balancing the polarity between inner-man and inner-woman to help you find your authentic expression in work, and in life in general.

The workshop will consist of meditation, movement, painting, relating and much more.
- December 8th, 10.00 am - 6.00 pm
- 880 AED
- Please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.

About May-Britt Searty

For the past 25 years, May-Britt has been working in the field of holistic health and personal development using various modalities such as Cranio Sacral Therapist, Life Coaching, Naturopathy, 3in1 Kinesiology, Family Constellation, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Personality Consultant and Yoga.

3 years ago her work has shifted drastically to working more with the Intuitive Body, by incorporating Family Constellation and meditation into her work as a main tool in understanding yourself better. However, her focus is always geared towards the need of the person she is working with based on the 5 levels of healing from Dr. Klinghardt.

Her approach empowers and touches your life to the very core, unlocks limiting beliefs, helps you resolve and let go of your emotional baggage from the past. By healing certain relationships with your family and replace these with an in-depth understanding of who you are empowers you to move forward and invite new and more positive things into your life. The environment in which she is working is none judgemental and your information is being treated with full confidentiality. She fully respect the field within which we work.

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