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Energy Consultation and Treatment with Master Oh


Master Oh's gift is to help people be free from physical and emotional pain, tension and fatigue and to unlock the happiness and self-healing abilities we have inside us. His unique energy treatments clear deep energy blockages and restore the natural flow of Qi through the meridian system, allowing natural healing to take place. If you are struggling with any long term health or emotional issue please don't hesitate to book yourself in. Master Oh has 30 years experience treating people worldwide. His sensitivity allows him to feel exactly where a person's energy is blocked or depleted, so that he is able to release this for them. Master Oh also leads workshops to help clear inherited patterns passed down from the family, which are often the root of physical, mental and emotional problems.

The treatment, which is a powerful combination of accupressure and sound, works to recharge the whole body with Qi and release toxins. It lasts around 20 minutes. After the treatment he will share what he feels is causing any discomforts and where this is coming from as well as give advice on how to make the most of the energy you've received.

Energy Consultation and Treatment

30 min - 800 AED

Please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries. 

About Master Oh:

Master Oh was born in South Korea and from an early age experienced chronic health problems, with much of his childhood being spent in and out of hospitals. This experience shaped his views on life and how to live free from pain and anxiety.

As a university student he encountered a unique healing method that changed his life. By learning how to harness the power of ‘human energy’ – Qi – he began to feel a deep sense of peace, enabling his body to heal.

The practice he encountered is Jung Shim, which translates from Korean as ‘Beautiful Mind’. The practice teaches the art of harnessing ’human energy’ to recharge and regain a good-hearted, generous and compassionate state of being. Profound experiences led him to devote the rest of his life to sharing the Jung Shim healing method. With little money and practically no english, he left his home country to introduce Qi to the western world opening the first Qi healing centre in Sydney in 1994. Subsequently, he opened centres in America, Canada and finally, in the year 2000, the UK.

Over 30 years of spiritual training Master Oh has developed a wisdom and healing ability that stem from a profound connection to the source. In addition to his practice, he also runs charity projects to help those most in need.

Master Oh is based at the London and Madrid Jung Shim Centre. He also travels to other countries to support Jung Shim centres worldwide, as well as pioneering the Jung Shim method at events around the globe.

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