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A global Celebration Compassion and Miracles

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Chanting In Honor of the Birthday of Guru Ram Das

Known as the Lord of Miracles, Guru Ram Das embodied humility, service, and deep devotion. His empathy and dedication to helping those in need is legendary. 

October 9th is the day 3HO celebrates his birth. Inspired by his life and teachings, we celebrate this day as a call to service and compassion in action, and chant a shabd for miracles and healing.

Guru Ram Das held a special place in Yogi Bhajan's heart as his spiritual guide, and many meditations and mantras used by Kundalini Yogis around the world call on his energy for guidance, healing, and protection.

Chanting: Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur
Celebrate the spirit of a humility and compassion with the miracle mantra! Chant with us to create miracles for all those in need on this planet. Yogi Bhajan has described the occasion of Guru Ram Das's birthday as a powerful time for the fulfilment of prayers and a time of great blessing.

October 9, Tuesday

04.15am doors open

04.30am - 5.000am jabji

05.00am - 07.30am - 2,5hours chanting Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru for miracles

Donation based.

Doors will be open. You can come in anytime.

Please bring a healthy bite after to share, to eat together and celebrate. 

Why Chant

Chanting is the repetition of key phrases that vibrate at a specific frequency. It creates deep inner peace and physiological relaxation.

Physical health benefits are numerous, including reduced blood pressure, boosted immune system, and less anxiety.

How to Chant

This powerful mantra is chanted with great respect and reverence. It's a good idea to cover your head and keep your spine warm with a shawl.

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