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Full Moon Singing Bowls Meditation


This month full moon is in Taurus: Taurus likes what’s comfortable and familiar, and prefers not to dig too deeply beneath the surface. Naturally, this can make it difficult for us to express (or even acknowledge) the deep emotions that come up at this full moon. If we’re carrying around any emotional baggage, we’re likely to feel it in our bodies at this time. Find comfort and healing in embodied practices like yoga, massage, or—Taurus’ favorite!—some good old-fashioned loving.’This meditation will make you feel completely relaxed.

Emotions aren’t all that’s being released at this full moon, though. Taurus can put a lot of energy into accumulating things, and holding on to them long after their usefulness is outgrown. Sometimes we need to break the old forms down and free that energy up to create something new.

And isn’t that the whole point of “harvest”—clearing away the dead weight, so new life can take root?

TheSun in Scorpio (which opposes this full moon) will have no problem showing us exactly what needs to be cleared away in our own lives. Scorpio knows that nothing in the material world lasts forever, so it’s obsessed with stripping things down to the bare bones and getting to the root of what really matters.

What matters most to Taurus are the things that endure.

This full moon teaches us that if our roots are deep and strong, they’ll remain planted firmly in the ground even after the leaves fall and the flowers die. Trust in life’s natural cycles, keep tending them through the winter, and eventually we will see them bloom again.

Singing bowls (also known as 'Himalayan bowls' or suzu gongs in Japan) are a kind of bell, specifically classified as a standing bell which sit with the bottom surface resting. The sides and rim of singing bowls vibrate to produce sound which can be used for spiritual traditions, meditation, relaxation, religious practice and personal well being.

The Tibetan singing bowls, which are tuned to musical notes that correspond to the different chakras of the body – restoring your balance of energy. Since the body is made up of mostly water, the vibrational effect of the Tibetan singing bowls feels like a full body cellular massage. The bowls are traditionally made of a special seven metal alloy of gold, silver, iron, mercury, tin, copper and lead. Each f the sacred metails are aligned with the seven heavenly bodies in our solar system and the seven chakras of our body. Additionally each bowl is fine tuned to the specific note that affects an individual chakra.

Together we experience the healing power of the vibration of sound on our bodies using the professional singing bowls of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition for therapeutic purpose under the full moon.

The Benefits of singing bowls therapy include deep relaxation, Relief from stress related conditions, healing, improved memory, mental clarity, vitality and better sleep.

So come, relax, close your eyes, and drift into a state of calm. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes . As your chakras re-align, breathe peace and enter the profound state of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Mats, Cushions and Blankets would be provided at the studio for your relaxation during the session.

24th of October 7.30pm - 9.00pm
AED 99 (AED 88 for first timers in Life'n One)
Please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.

About Prem Amit:

Prem Amit has been conducting sound healing meditations including personalized sound healing sessions in Dubai. He has been trained by his sound healer master from Nepal mandu Valley in Kath. The Sound bowls used for this meditations are specially hand made and hand picked by his master to be made of seven metals by the Tibetan lama family. The sound and vibrations created through these heal the body and the specific chakras.

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