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Death Meditation before You Die

Death Meditation before You Die

Leonardo da Vinci is credited as saying, “While I thought that I was
learning how to live, I have been learning how to die.”

This may be a discouraging thought for some, but Buddhists view end-of-life meditation
as an uplifting and powerful practice.

“Analysis of death is not for the sake of becoming fearful but to
appreciate this precious lifetime.” — Dalai Lama

All of us will die one day.
Death is an absolute realty of life. Everybody who has come will have to go one day.
So why not really live before its time to leave!
Now imagine you have only 12 more hours to live.
What would you do in these last 12 hours of your life?
What matters to you truly and deeply. Can you live it?
During this uplifting meditation you will get all your answers!
Be warned, this meditation will be intense and emotional, but it will also take you deep down into your core being. You will ask yourself 10 questions; 
you don’t dare to answer in daily life. And the answers might
surprise you. This is an exercise that will cut right through the mental chatter in your head and get to the bottom of what your soul needs. 
You will come out knowing what matters in your life and all else will die. 
The death meditation will show you what you need to let go and how to move ahead.

For Who: Adults
Where: Life'n One 
When : 23rd October 2018 7 30 pm - 9 pm 
Instructor: Sarah Abdelal
( Clinical Hypnotherapist & Aura Photographer)
Fee: AED 99/-

Contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.

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