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Essence Of Tao: Tai Chi And Qi Gong

Weekly Meditation Sessions and Classes at Life'n One Dubai - singing bowl, sufi, kundalini, and more

Establish a New Daily Practice
Essence of Tao: Tai Chi and Qi Gong


Simple yet effective program for warm up and the full set of ‘8 Sections of Brocade’ Qi Gong’

Daily practice for 1 hour,
Warm up delivers the Taoist Foundation to Qi Gong - Yi Quan after we learn the Shaolin’s first Qi Gong the 8 Treasures or 8 Brocades
Yi Quan (intention training) creates great posture, focus, self awareness to micro levels, creates integration and health of Mind Body and Spirit as well, assists each and every sport, action and sleep. Calms the mind and emotions in all relating.

This is for everyone, even if your bound to a wheel chair Bart has developed a series for you. Children of all ages get a lot from very little training yet, under 12 may be a distraction for first timers so we are limiting this to children who want to improve a sport or school studies, and know what they want.

Loose comfortable clothing, flat soled shoes or barefoot.
(12pm-3pm), 450AED per person. For further information and bookings, please call 0565342899 / email

About Bart:
Bart has trained in Martial arts since the age of two. He was led to Tai Chi to heal serious spinal and structural damage. He has taught Tai Chi and studied worldwide from San Francisco to China.

He has taught sports such as skiing, swimming and tennis as well Kung fu, Shaolin Kung fu Karate, Philippine Arnise and Eskrima and now Tai Chi and Qi Gong for 23 years. A student of movement and maximising human potential fro over 40 years, he is an eternal student and each student teaches Bart he says.

Bart: "I came from well educated parents, experienced benefits this brought, as well, grew up in Los Angeles in times of turmoil, drugs, revolution and war, I experienced lets say both sides of life, loved Ronk n Roll, surfing, rock climbing and surfing. Went fast and furious and then stopped 30 years ago to heal my body and investigate where I wanted to go. "
"I had built and lived during the last of the Wild West Days in Santa fe building solar and earth shelter homes. Then had a succesful architectual design and contracting company in San Francisco, yet the life style was good, it was not what I wanted after time and injuries led me to my present career. I had a natural touch, trained or inherited, I was getting results from the beginning that seemed to be beyond what was the norm."
" I was always interested in human potential, the mind, yet, people were having big emotional releases when I trained and then did massage and Sports massage. MY own path through Shamanic Psychotherapy expanded along with all the therapies and martial arts I trained until my new life took over and left my company to my partner and childhood friend for the unknown. I love what I do, how people show up and that it’s never boring, everyone is new and
I learn each day how to take better care of myself so I can assist first my life and my children’s and at the same time make positive, meaningful relationships worldwide. I give all I have and programs to bring people to any level of what I have to share so they too find their hearts desire and then assist them to create a career that expresses this desire in ease, poise and confidence!!"

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