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Art of Connection with Bart Smyth

Art of Connection with Bart Smyth

This workshop is done in a group format. Bart works one on one with each participant tracking the thread that reveals as you answer to questions, designed to open doors of perception, that are either closed or redirected by protective programs, due to trauma, lack of proper guidance and support or just unknown experiences.

This workshop has been heralded worldwide from beginning seekers, to trainers and path finders, with over 4 decades of devoted personal development focus.
It will be a one day course and limited to 7 people.

Strongly recommended are Bart's next two signature workshops.
TRUE ABUNDANCE and PUPOSE TO PROSPERITY the following weekend 19/20 of October.
The momentum built from all three courses in this period is undeniable and unstoppable!

Each class delivers a foundation in Proper Qi Development-Qi Gong
Each participant sits one on one with Bart, in a group format, yet it as if you have a private session with him.
Bart uses his varied skill set if and when healing needs to takes place. This can be to clear past influences that hinder the process, be it past lives, generational or other. Healing happens through awareness in this course.

- Clarity = Less drama!
- Expose and delete the habit of limited choice making in all relationships
- Clear generations of negative influences known and unknown
- Open the door for new experience, new levels of relating
- Express authentically, freely, with no regrets!
- Ability to allow ease and joy knowing the truth of past misinterpretations.
- Return to curiosity, possibility
- Increased life force

October 13th, 12 - 3 pm
AED 550
Attend all 3 workshops (Art of Connection, True Abundance and Precision of Vision) for AED 1200
Please contact 0565342899 or email for further information and bookings

A professional trainer/therapist for 30 years, Bart has taught Quantum Healing, worked in sports therapy using energetic, neuromuscular therapies and massage. He has as a thriving business traveling to Dubai, Turkey, China, USA, Europe and Scandinavia. He has 3 children in Sweden and lives in Järbo where he sees clients, teaches Tai Chi and Qi Gong, assists local families doing healing work on horses, cows, sheep, chickens, pigs and pets. He is also a Shaman, initiated 17 years ago by don Benjamin of the Shipibo tribe in Peru after training since 87. He is a Grand Master of Tai Chi in direct lineage to Chen Man Ching, studying with Pi Lu Fei and Martin Inn. Bart teaches Tai Chi, Yi Quan(I Chuan), is a Master Practitioner of the Yuen Method( Quantum Healing on all levels and ALL dimensions). Bart opened up Europe and Scandinavia in the early 90's and continues to teach this method worldwide. Bart's quest has been freedom, freedom beyond thought and processing. To live achieving all with ease and confidence.

Clarity brings more clarity. You have the ability to clear the past, bringing clarity to each moment as you build momentum from clear, right decision making. When our lives gain momentum and ease, we realise who we are, and,,, what we TRULY LOVE TO DO!!

Bart brings an array of technologies from many master teachers around the world and has interwoven their teachings and his experiences in the tapestry of his work. He has a deep love and respect of people, plants and animals. He now lives in rural Sweden with his family.

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