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Free Meditation - New Year Abundance


Universe has always been abundant. There is enough conclusive evidence of this around us. Look around and you will find that nature is lavish and extravagant.
And you are a part of all that is!
But do you feel that connection? Do you feel a part of it? Do you feel abundant ?

Millions of plants, trees and animals keep on reproducing continuously. This indicates nature’s lavishness. We can easily see that there is an abundance for everyone, but many of us fail to participate in this abundance. We do not realize that mind is the active principle which connects us to the things we desire.
Most of us were raised on principals of fear and lack and this became our perception of life which is not the truth but pure illusion fabricated and lived in our minds !

Come join this meditation and feel how it is to be abundant, free from the illusion of separation, filled with power of creation and source!

For Who: Adults
Where: Lifen One - Jumeirah One
When: Tuesday 9th January 2018
Time: 7 30 pm - 8 30 pm
Instructor: Sarah Abdelal (Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner) 

Pls contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.

The content of this session is :

-Understanding what abundance is as a feeling
- Game of perception
- Meditation
- Attitude of Gratitude
- Tips how to amplify the feeling of abundance

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