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Reconnect to Your Divine BirthRight, Free Talk with James

A birthright is a given, it is not something that has to be earned, or strived for, or struggled after, it is a given, a universal truth.

Being separate from your Divinity (aka power, purpose, prosperity, bliss & alignment) is optional. Feeling isolated, like you don’t belong is optional. Striving to have what you want, but not creating it is optional. The choice is up to you.

We are happy to welcome James to his talk on Friday in our cafe. We will do a ruffle to choose one person to have a free theta healing session with him .)

The problem we all are having daily is that our default position, our norm is set to separation consciousness and lack.

The solution is to permanently activate your default position to Unity Consciousness and Your Divine Birthrights.

That’s why in this talk we systematically calibrate all of you to your Divinity and activate your Divine Birthrights as your natural state. In essence, re-set your default position to Divine: bliss, abundance, empowered manifestation, purpose and union.

How would it feel to?

Wake up feeling empowered, passionate, creative and in the flow of wellbeing

Have your thoughts, feelings and actions anchored in Unity Consciousness

Be surrounded by supportive, appreciative and uplifting people

Feel blissful, joyful, fulfilled NOW (and for no reason)

Have an abundance of time, energy and money as a given

Joyfully circulate your time, energy and money in ways that you love, feed your soul, create beauty in your life, and feel fantastic

Be expressing your purpose, gifts and talents FULL ON

Be in a state of Divine Union, congruent, harmonious, at peace!