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ECC Explorations in Conscious Creation Practitioner Course




“ You can call yourself whatever you want.

We call you the Seeker.
There are no mistakes in your life.
. . . only a series of choices
that show you what happens
when you choose a certain path,
Eventually it will all lead to the light.
So make your choices . . .
and we will be waiting for you
at the end of this adventure.”

Explorations in Conscious Creation is a creative process that generates higher frequencies, which cannot be manipulated.

It transmutes thoughts, patterns, material items and situations to their next highest level.

This is an energy-based workshop, teaching to hold the space for collective.

This workshop is going to take place 3times in September.
September 10 & 11- 14 & 15 -21 & 22
Each day from 12pm to 6pm (including coffee breaks)
Please book the suitable one for you.
Booking is essential.
Energy exchange: 1788aed (per person, per course)

Please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.

“I see energy in a totally new way, and how I perceive the world, and others around me, in such a holistic way now. What fun. I felt like I was in the Void and that everything was there.... not just potential, but ALL THINGS.” J.M. Petaluma, CA

About Tom & Joan:

Tom and Joan Rudholm are space holders allowing other to access their higher self and beyond. They are certified practitioners in:

  • Reiki & Karuna Reiki
  • Flow alignment and connection levels 1 & 2
  • Physical Atomic Cellular Evolution Advanced level
  • Birthing Seeds of Light (Birthing Seeds of Light is an amazing light filled process that clears generational lineages so that one can access the attributes from their lineages)
  • Explorations in Conscious Creation (This is very deep work, training practitioners to hold energies for evolution)
  • Mind Voice/Soul Voice (a class channeling your guides of light)

They are fully trained and certified to teach and certify practitioners and teachers in Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and ECC Explorations in Conscious Creation.

Tom taught woodworking and Joan taught art for the U.S. Department of Defense schools overseas for 27 years and have studied and traveled extensively together.

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