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Free talk by Nina Stone, Fear is: False Evidence Appearing Real

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The negative thoughts in our heads are not our reality, how to stop the negative talk and put our focus and what we want to happen in our life we often give power to a reality that does not exist , negative thought in our heads our not real ,they are fear based , it is only a bad habit just like an addiction that we have to stop . By learning learn to be present , to not to give meanings more or less than what the actual thing is such as : I am getting old ,but the truth is you are not old yet when you get there then worry about it.
this kind of technique helps you to come back to the present moment . or a year ago something bad happened , but the reality is that is no longer happening the only person making it real now is us.

By understanding that negative thoughts are fear based and we learn to concentrate on the solution not the problem. There are always two parts in us the one that is pessimist , sad , sick , stuck, lonely, traumatized and subconsciously blind, and blocked and the other is in the present happy, open to change growth , love , success , ultimate abundance and life and it is up to us which one we feed. But first we have to break free of the addiction , of the belief systems , of the familiar feelings that we have learned that makes us choose negative thoughts and think it is ok .the more we understand our authentic self and who we really are nothing can effect us in a negative way because ,then you know who you truly are a little spark and light of the entire universe in your body as you and that is truly unique and you are truly unique.

About Nina:

Nina stone mends the subconscious mind with a tranquil mind and a wiser spirit.

When you meet Nina, you will notice that she gleams with a zest for life. Name the sport, for sure she has tried it. Not only will she try it out, she will always aim to be the best at it.

Nina is trained in various methods to understand the subconscious mind and the effects it has on creating our patterns, behaviors and controlling our lives and shamanism the study of all the elements and communicating with earth, animal’s spirits and different dimensions to help people. she took courses related shamanism, faster eft, energy clearing , entity clearing techniques in countries like Brazil , Hawaii , India , Iran and South Africa.

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