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Decode your Subconscious Mind with Metaphor Therapy - Drawings

What to bring :Your Curiosity to decode hidden messages of your subconscious mind through a simple drawing

Pls contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries. Booking is essential.

Workshop Details:
In this workshop you will learn how to decipher and explore the hidden aspects of subconscious mind with a simple drawing through metaphor therapy and also learn how to use this amazing modality on your friends and children to help them unblock whatever holds them and you back from having a more joyful and healthy life!

You will draw your life, patterns and believes all on a piece of paper and get clarity on what is stopping you to grow to evolve and become a happier human.

With a simple drawing you can become aware of unhealed issues and traumas you experienced in your childhood, understand what is limiting you in the present and recognize what kind of future you are attracting with the hidden believes you carry from your past into your present.

This workshop will give you the capability and understanding how to
analyse a persons personality through a simple drawing.

This technique especially works very well with children or adults who have difficulty in expressing they deepest feelings and emotions and desires freely.

This workshop is suggested to teachers, mothers, therapists and of course any individual seeking for a deeper understanding of self!