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Myofascial Release Class - An Introduction

A special class to understand myofascial release, we have to understand the fascia better.
Fascia.. what? Our body is held together by this complex and continuous matrix called the Fascia that interweaves through organs, tissues, muscles and skin. This inter-connectivity allows our body to respond especially with pain from any physical injury, tissue damage or even psychologically -stress. All this protection system of our body ultimately leads to increased pain, buildup of toxins and reduced blood flow and oxygen to the area.

MFR, a gentle, sustained pressure is applied to points of restriction or adhesion (tight spots), allowing the connective tissue to release. Discover the benefits of effective hands-on technique to release muscular tension, alleviate pain and lessen trigger point pressure using roller balls. Using Rad Rounds (TM) balls to release even the hard to reach corners of your body. Myofascial release helps hydrate your muscles, treats skeletal immobility and relieves pain by relaxing contracted muscles.

Whether you have tight muscular pain, or want to deepen your mobility through your practice be it in Pilates, Yoga, Gym or Body movement, you are all invited.

Join us in this 1 day 1.5 hour course to learn MyoFascial release, self massage, ball therapy by using rolling and releasing techniques with RAD Roller and Rounds massage tools to re-hydrate, restore and remodel our fascial tissues.

Call 0565342899 / email for bookings.
150AED per person and booking is essential.

Earlier Event: September 30
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