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Sufi No Dimension Meditation

This is a powerful method for centering one’s energy in the hara – the area just below the navel. It is based on Sufi & Gurdjieff technique of body movements for awareness and integration of the body along with breathwork and awareness to the heart.

The Osho No Dimension meditation has three stages.

In the first stage, there would be continuous sacred movements with open eyes for 30 minutes. The movements would be properly guided during the meditation by our team. This is a six-part movement sequence, repeated continuously and accompanied by the sound “Shoo” rising from your navel to your throat. The sound helps your movements to become more free and easy as the meditation progresses. Make the movements and sounds with a loving heart and a centered awareness. We will use graceful group movements in a continuous flow, in rhythm with the music. While the music gradually becomes faster, the stillness of the center becomes more evident.

The second stage of 15 minutes is based on the Sufi technique of whirling. We will whirl slowly. You whirl just like small children go on twirling. If you have not whirled before start out very slowly; once your mind and body get attuned to the movements the body will naturally go faster. If you get dizzy, it is okay to stop for a moment, then start again.

In the third stage we lie down on the belly with eyes closed, allowing all the energy you have gathered to flow through you. If you find it uncomfortable to lie on the belly, lie on the back

This meditation is to centre our energies to Hara which is the area below the naval. During all the stages, there will be music to indicate the end of the stages.

About Prem Amit
Prem Amit is a Certified Meditation facilitator from OIMR, Pune (India), he has been facilitating various meditations and mindfulness workshops . He is also a ceritifed Hypnotherapist, a Sound healer. He has deep interests in Sufi meditation practices and also Tantra practices.He also takes individual and group sessions for Meditations, mindfulness, relaxation, Stress relief, Anger Management, Emotional well being.

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